Must-Do Things In The Magical Mara

The Mara is magical as it is superbly lovely. There are no clear words to describe the beauty of the Mara, the vast expanse, diverse wildlife, gorgeous sunsets, superb plain scenery and unmatched safari activities.

There are many things that you need to do while in the Mara that will give you a lifetime experience of being so close to the beautiful nature.

Here are must-do things in the Magical Mara.

1. Witness The Wildebeest Migration

If you miss the wildebeest migration on your visit to the Mara, then just plan again because you didn’t witness the Mara in its full element. Masai Mara is the most noted location of the Great Wildebeest Migration due to its famed Mara River crossings. You get to witness wildebeests crossing River Mara as hungry crocodiles snap at the beasts plunging ungainly through the surging waters. It is one moment you won’t forget in a lifetime. The migration occurs within an area that is known as the “Serengeti ecosystem.”

Wildebeests Migration Photo ©

2. Take a Walking Safari

Get away from your vehicles and wander slowly through the bush and enjoy a close but safe encounter with wild animals together with an experienced guide. This way, you will get to see creatures that live in the park but are rarely spotted from the car. You are not allowed to have a walking safari in the Mara but you can organize for one in conservancies around the Mara.

Photo © Knut Bry

3. Hop-On a Hot Air Balloon And Wander Over The Mara

You can book a hot-air balloon ride and glide silently over the savannah for undisturbed 360 degrees of spectacular beauty. Morning rides give you the best views because as you rise, the Mara plains open up before your eyes to feast on the golden sunrise, enchanting sceneries, plains-game below as the winds gently blow the basket deeper into the reserve. The ride lasts for about an hour and costs around $450 and you get to have the best view of the expansive reserve from the skies.

4. Maasai Village Tour

Maasai village tours usually help you get that local feel of the Mara. You get to learn about the Maasai culture and way of life. You can arrange with your hotel or lodge for such tours.

Photo © Acacia Africa

5. Enjoy Mobile Camping at Naboisho Conservancy

If camping is your thing, then camping at Naboisho conservancy will be one of your must-do things while in the Mara. You get to camp in the conservancy as wild animals roam freely around you. There will guards to make sure your stay at the conservancy is very safe.

Photo ©Naboisho Camp

6. A Game Drive Of Course

Your visit to the Mara is not complete if you don’t go for a game drive in the expansive reserve. Go for a game drive and see all the majesty and splendour of the magical Mara. Here you have a chance to see very many wild animals, especially on a daytime drive. You can opt for a night drive too.

Photo ©

7. Horse Riding Safaris

Horse riding safaris offers arguably unparalleled game viewing in one of Africa’s most iconic landscapes. Horse riding across the Mara will take you past wild animals like elephants, buffaloes and even lions and give you a once in a lifetime experience of being closest to herds of wildebeests, gazelles and even zebras. Most of this horse riding safaris are usually a seven-day camping package whereby a mobile tented camp follows you in a convoy. If you love horse riding and love the wild, then there is simply no better way to explore this breathtaking place and all it’s animal encounters with a trained guide. Rates for 7 or 8 night Mara riding safari start from $7300 to $8300

Photo © Equus Journeys

One other obvious thing you should do while in the Mara is sunset watching. Head to a high point and watch as the sun sets reluctantly over the Mara horizon. Many lodges in the Mara have their own Sundowner spots.