8 Stunning Museums in Nairobi You Should Visit

Kenya is regarded as one of the best tourist-friendly destinations in Africa. Kenya is currently ranked the third-largest tourism economy in the entire sub-Saharan Africa after South Africa and Nigeria. Last year alone Kenya welcomed over a million international arrivals, raking in about Ksh 157 billion. Further details indicate that travel and tourism supported 8.8% of Kenya’s GDP in 2018.

Enough with the statistics. That was just to show you why Kenya should be on your list in you’re an international tourist and in case you’re a local, it should encourage you to travel more and get to know more about our magical Kenya.

Apart from the Big Five wild animals and other tourist attractions in Kenya, museums often have more to offer than what meets the eye. For this reason, below we focus on some of the stunning museums in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city.

Museums in Nairobi

1. Nairobi National Museum

Nairobi National Museum | Photo ©tripadvisor.com

Located at the Museum Hill, a few minutes drive from the city centre, the Nairobi National Museum houses a collection of Kenya’s history, culture, nature and contemporary art that serve both educational and leisurely purposes.

Within the compound are the Snake Park, Botanical Gardens and State of the Art Auditorium that occasionally hosts film shows, concerts and corporate events. There are also shopping and dining facilities.

2. Karen Blixen Museum

Stunning Museums in Nairobi
Karen Blixen Museum | Photo ©tripadvisor.com

The Karen Blixen is located at the foot Ngong Hills and became a popular spot following the release of Oscar winning movie “Out of Africa”. You will get a chance to tour the museum grounds and there is a gift shop available for corporate functions, weddings and other events.

3. Bomas of Kenya

Museums in Nairobi
Bomas of Kenya | Photo ©ttripadvisor.com

This is one of the most famous spots in Nairobi and is based in Lang’ata. Its purpose is preserving, maintaining and promoting Kenya’s rich and diverse cultural values from different tribes. Different aspects of Kenyan culture are on display at the Bomas of Kenya, including crafts, living styles, music and dancing.

4. Nairobi Railway Museum

Museums in Nairobi You Should Visit
Nairobi Railway Museum | Photo ©tripadvisor.com

Not many Nairobi residents know a lot about the Nairobi Railway Museum. You will get to know more about East African Railways and Kenya Railways as well as Nairobi’s legislative layout and history.

5. Aero Club of East Africa

Museums in Nairobi You Should Visit
Aero Club of East Africa | Photo©tripadvisor.com

This is the ideal place to visit for anyone who would like to know more about airplanes. You will find airplane parts, design drawings and historical documents that will illuminate your mind. Theirs is a restaurant and a hotels to spend the night if you’re travelling from far.

6. Nairobi Gallery

Museums in Nairobi
Nairobi Gallery | Photo ©tripadvisor.com

“Small but mighty” is the perfect definition of the small museum located within the capital. It tells the story of Africa in many ways, including African culture, tribes, European trade and settlers and slave trade among others. It features many famous African artists and has a collection of things that once belonged to Joseph Murumbi, Kenya’s second Vice President and a champion for African arts.

7. Karen Village

Museums in Nairobi
Karen Village | Photo ©tripadvisor.com

Along the infamous Ngong Road sits a comprehensive hub for African art and culture with everything imaginable. There are workshops and studios for highly talented Kenyan and international artists to showcase their masterpieces. Their pieces tell stories that only art can do, and with open-air theater, cafes, bars, restaurants, and B&B residence for those who wish to spend the night, Karen Village is one place you should miss. We would advise you not to go on weekends because most of the stands are closed.

8. Kenya National Archives

Museums in Nairobi You Should Visit
Kenya National Archives | Photo ©tripadvisor.com

This is not a conventional museum. However, it is home to historic Kenyan photographs, crafts and paintings. Located within the CBD, the Kenya National Archives is the perfect place to spend your time learning more about Kenya’s history cheaply.