Mida Creek: Another Watamu Wonder

2 hours North of Mombasa and 34 kilometres South of Malindi lies Watamu. Watamu is a small fishing town lying just by the Indian Ocean. It is perhaps best known as the home of the famous Gedi Ruins, a civilization established long before the settling of colonialists. It is also home to one of the major indigenous forests in Kenya, the Arabuko Sokoke. Amongst all these beautiful features Watamu has to offer, Mida Creek is yet another. Mida creek is a tidal inlet that connects the Indian Ocean to a lagoon further inland. Here is why you should visit the place.

Mangrove Splendour

The Mida Creek is surrounded by thick and healthy mangrove growth, which extends as part of the Arabuko Sokoke Forest. The mangrove trees here are some of the best you will come to see during your trip down the Kenyan coast. If you are a nature enthusiast then you will be delighted to walk and/or wade through this vegetation and learn more about them.

Important Birdlife Area

The Mida Creek is home to hundreds of migratory birds all of whom find their way here at certain times of the year for mating and feeding purposes. The creek together with the forest offer habitable grounds for these birds, which enjoy the mangrove vegetation for cover and sea life for food.

Turtles, Crustaceans and other Sea Life

You will come across a variety of sea life including sea turtles, crabs, starfish and many other types of fish at Mida Creek. You can embark on a fishing trip guided by the locals, or just walk on the beach while trying to find these fascinating creatures. You should however not destroy or harm the sea life unless when participating in authorized fishing.

Water wading activities

At Mida Creek, you have the opportunity to enjoy a nice canoe ride offered by the locals at an agreed price, or embark on a Stand Up Paddle boarding by yourself. By going through the creek on a boat or paddle, you get to manoeuvre through the mangrove channels and interact with more nature and wildlife. This would also be the best time to take photos and notes on your trip.

Swahili sunset dhow

A visit to Mida Creek is incomplete if you do not get on a Swahili boat and watch the orange sun disappear into the ocean’s horizon. At the Swahili dhow, you can enjoy cold drinks and hearty laughs with friends as you reminisce on your day’s activities.

Meet locals

Watamu is a small community and is thus easy to get spotted as an outsider. It is also easy to meet and make friends with the locals who are always ready to offer their help wherever they can. You can interact with the youth who are trying to keep the creek as eco-friendly as possible, the fishermen or boat ride guides.