Magnificent Aerial Shots While Flying Over Kenya

Kenya is, without a doubt, a very beautiful country. From its lush plains, picturesque mountain ranges, undeniably beautiful and favourable weather, a coastal region that rivals the Caribbean, abundant wildlife and breathtaking countrysides, Kenya’s beauty will simply blow your mind in all ways.

Here is a long beautiful list of magnificent shots while flying over Kenya.

1.South Rift landscape

© Rebuilding the Pride and Paul Mckenzie

2. Tigoni

Twitter @ Kenyapics

3. Maasai Mara


4. Mombasa

Twitter © Muchaii

5. Lake Turkana


6. Suguta Valley


7. Kericho

©Kegan Ochieng

8. Kiambu

© James Wamathai

9. Kilifi

Twitter © Muchaii

10. Mukutan Gorge

11. Chale Island


12. Kongo River Estuary in Diani

© Joshkisamwa

14. Nabiyotum Crater on Lake Turkana

©Africabylight  ©ClairesSafaris  ©Hikari Yokoyama

15. Large scale farming in the Great Rift Valley


16. Kilifi Creek

©The 12 Megapixel Project

The list is just endless. You can’t afford to document Kenya’s beauty in one article or two.