Loldia House Naivasha: A Luxury In The Wild

We absolutely love Naivasha because it is one of the most peaceful and beautiful towns in the country. Naivasha is a great destination because it has significant wildlife, both mammals and birds. It is also a central getaway for people from both the east and west of the country. Naivasha is also a tourist favourite because it offers blue skies and sandy beaches are very affordable prices thus accommodating even those on a budget. Among the many places, you can stay while in Naivasha, is the Loldia house.

The story behind Loldia

Loldia house started as a farmhouse for early post-colonial settlers in the region. It then changed to become a vacation house that gives its guests the options of self-catering or hiring the in-house chef.


Loldia House is a 4 bedroomed main house with 2 extension cottages with 3 and 2 bedrooms respectively. Collectively, the whole property is able to house a minimum of 9 people at a go. Each of the room can be shared as double rooms making its maximum capacity of 18 people. The house has a team of staff that ensure your stay in their elite home is comfortable and enjoyable. They do everything from checking you, giving you house tours and helping in any other way possible.

The cottages are self-contained with their interior décor being similar to that of the main house. The Loldia House was built in colonial times so it has strong English accents in almost all arrangements.

The house sits on a spacious green piece of land that houses tall shade trees, dozens of birds and the occasional harmless wild animals passing by. The Lake Naivasha sits less than 2 minutes away from the house making it easy to visit it any time of the day.

What to do in Loldia House

The Loldia House has several available itineraries for its guests. All packages vary in time and price and are friendly for all family members. They include:

  • Picnics
  • Nature walks
  • Horseback riding
  • Boat rides
  • Fishing
  • Game drives
  • A visit to Hell’s Gate
  • Climbing Mt. Elgon
  • Outdoor games such as tennis and soccer

What to see

As already mentioned, the Loldia House sits just by Lake Naivasha, therefore, making it a great place for game viewing and bird watching. Lake Naivasha has a rich collection of wading birds including pelicans, the kingfisher, and Egyptian geese. The lake also has a large number of hippos that you can see during your boat ride or in the evening when they come out of the water to feed.

During your game drives, you can spot numerous animals including the Rothschild Giraffe, lions, hyenas, zebras, impala, buffalo, bush pigs and the rare leopard.

How to get there

The Loldia House has a private airstrip that allows you to fly directly from Wilson Airport.

You can also come via road from Nairobi, which is approximately 120 kilometres of mostly tarmacked roads.