List Of Top Bird Watching Locations In Kitui County

Kitui is one county richly endowed with enormous tourism potential. It offers a rich array of natural, historical and even cultural attractions. You can go hiking, camping, game safaris and even bird watching in Kitui county.

Talking of bird watching, Kitui has an amazingly rich array of birds in its expansive reserves, conservancies and forests. Kitui county is one of the few counties in Kenya with areas designated as Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) to act as a sanctuary to endangered birds.

Kitui is home to more than 200 bird species.

Here are some of the top bird-watching locations in Kitui County.

1. Kalundu Dam

2. Mumoni Hill Forest

3. Yatta Plateau

4. Kiambere Dam

5. Mutito Hill Forest

6. Gaikuyu Hill Forest

7. Nzambani Rock

8. Nuu Hills

9. Kanyonyoo Wildlife conservancy

10. Endau Hill

11. Tsavo East National Reserve

12. Wakivondo Dam

13. Mwingi National Reserve