List Of The Best Picnic Spots In Nakuru

Nakuru is a beautiful county with incredible lakes, breathtaking landscapes and picturesque parks. You can savour amazing scenes while spending some quality time with those you love.

Taking a well-deserved break in an alluring setting is another perfect way to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful county without overworking your pocket, literally.

Choosing just the perfect spot for picnicking can be a hard task more so if you are not familiar with that place.  Below is a list of the best spots for a picnic in Nakuru.

1.Lemon Valley -Elementaita

Lemon Valley is a perfect blend of countryside charm and utmost comfort. Located in Kasambara hills, you get to have amazing views of Soysambu, Lake Elementaita and the Sleeping Warrior hills. The camp has many good spots for a picnic. There are many activities one can do there too like biking, horse-riding and even farm tours to name just but a few.

2. Crescent Island Game Sanctuary

This is one place where you get the chance to enjoy sightseeing in the most exciting way like a walking safari. Boat rides give you a chance to view birds in the sanctuary as you move down the lake and have a view of hippos. Alternatively, you can go for a walk and see zebras, waterbucks and even giraffes up close. Picnic lunch can be arranged a day prior to the trip.

3. Menengai Crater

I first visited Menengai Crater while in class seven and it was just breathtaking. I had to go back frequently from 2017. It is one place you will be tempted to go out many times for a hike or a drive up and later relax at the top and enjoy the amazing view in front of your eyes. It is sone of the most scenic places in Nakuru as you can have beautiful views of the lake and a town, you just need to buckle up and travel to Nakuru to witness all this.

4. Mt Longonot (Longonot National Park)

Mount Longonot rises from the floor of the Rift Valley like a Monolith and creates just the perfect environment for a perfect picnic. It is a perfect destination for hiking expeditions and picnicking. It should be top on your list of the must-visit places in Nakuru too.

5. Hyrax Hill

From this place, you will get just the perfect view of Nakuru Town. It is a nice place which is not crowded hence perfect for that picnic. Just visit it and have a good time.

6. Lake Nakuru Picnic Sites

This list could not have been complete without a mention of Nakuru National Park. You can take a safari drive in the morning and take a lunch break after finding the perfect spot for an alluring picnic lunch. Some of the few spots for a picnic in Nakuru National Park are  Lion Hill Lookout, Out Of Africa Picnic Site, Acacia Picnic Site and Pelican Picnic Site.