List Of Kenyan Drinks That You Should Try

Kenyan cuisine and culture are not the only things unique to the country. We are also the proud makers of several drinks that you will most definitely not find anywhere else. Whether you are enjoying a sunbath at the beach or you are cuddled up in a cold afternoon, there is a Kenyan drink for you. Which one of the following do you prefer?

Kenyan Tea

Kenya has been a big producer of tea worldwide since colonial times. With humongous tea farms around the country, Kenyan Tea has become a staple for almost all households. The tea can be enjoyed both black or white. However, Kenyan Tea is best prepared and served with milk. It is brewed in a pot as opposed to being prepared in a cup. The ingredients are added separately to make the tasty and strong blend that is Kenyan Tea. You can enjoy this beverage with biscuits, chapatti, mandazi or even bread.


Away from tea, comes the Kenyan beer named Tusker. Introduced in 1922, the East African Breweries’ product continues to be one of the most beloved alcoholic drink in the country. With only 5.0% alcohol, the beer can be enjoyed chilled or warm. You can enjoy it with your nyama choma, dinner, or during a night out with friends. Tusker comes with varieties such as Tusker Cider, Tusker Lager and Tusker Malt.


Dawa has always been a part of Kenyan tradition but did not gain popularity until its recent commercialization by Java House. Dawa is another brew or cocktail made by 4 or 5  ingredients depending on your preference. These are; water, lemon, honey, ginger and garlic (optional). Dawa is Swahili for medicine and that is exactly what it is. If you are having a cold or flu, Dawa is your best drug-free bet. If you are having stomach problems, try Dawa. If you just want to give your system a cleanse, Dawa is what you should go for.


Although Mursik belongs to one Kenyan tribe (Kalenjins) is still a nationwide drink. This is simply cultured milk that is flavoured with traditional herbs and preserved using charcoal. Disgusting as it may sound, Mursik is in fact a very sweet drink that is best accompanied by Ugali. You do not have to go to Kalenjin land to enjoy this because some local hotels and dairy shops prepare it as well.

Afia Juice

If you are not in the mood for hot tea or cold beer, try Afia Juice. This Kenyan made 100% fruit-based juice is a family favourite in all Kenyan regions. There are dozens of flavours this juice offers including Apple, Mango, Lemon, Tropical Mix etc. You can find it bottled or boxed as you prefer.


Supu is simply bone broth but Kenyan style. Bone broth has many health benefits including being a good source of calcium and iron. Supu is usually prepared in Kenyan butcheries. Although some hotels male it, a butchery is always the best place because you are assured of its freshness. You can enjoy Supu with nyama choma, mutura or just by itself.