List Of Good Deeds You Should Accomplish As You Travel

Travelling can be for business and work, for settlement or for simple enjoyment. Whatever your reason for crossing the seas, it is always kind to do a good deed as you go. You never know who might be watching. An act of kindness now can lead to a greater miracle in the future.‘Kindness is like a seed, and when planted can grow and grow and grow.’- unknown. Below is a list of good deeds you should endeavour to do wherever you travel to.

Be humble, be polite

Being a tourist does not give you a pass to being arrogant. Whenever you are in a new place, be polite and humble. Ask for help, make friends and try to live in the local way. You are bound to have a better and more meaningful experience this way.

Support Local Business

You can always tell the difference between industrial services and local efforts. For example, a supermarket will most likely hold goods exported from different parts of the world. However, if you go to the market or look in the streets for hawkers, you will definitely get the same things. The best part is that they will be cheaper, and you are going to be supporting the local economy.

Plant a tree

This is not only a good deed but a necessary one given the current environmental challenge the world is currently facing. Planting a tree may seem minuscule to you. However, imagine if every traveller planted a tree wherever they went. Wouldn’t the world be greener and better? Just make sure you plant it in a place where it can get enough rainfall to grow on its own, in case human care is not available. This will also give you a reason to travel more.

Help the homeless

There are very few places in the world where homeless people are absent. It is selfless and immensely kind to give a helping hand to such folk. Buy them a meal, get them some clothes or just spend a day with them. The misconception is that homeless people are dangerous and evil but in the real sense, the thieves are the well-dressed people walking on our sides. Helping a homeless person will not only be kind but it will solve their troubles for that day and they will most likely not forget.

Experience a night of local food and music

This may not be a good deed directly but you will still be promoting local talent. What is a trip to anywhere if you do not get to enjoy local food and music? If you happen to be in Kenya, always look out for Mugithi, Ohangla, Isikuti etc nights. You will experience the best each tribe has to offer depending on the one you choose to attend. It is a good deed after all as you will leave the place feeling good and happy!