List Of Events You Should Not Miss When Visiting Kenya

This is a list of events you should not miss when visiting Kenya.

1.Kijani Music Festival

The music extravaganza features international and local artists of diverse genres, with all proceeds from this festival benefiting various charitable causes. It happens annually and is organized by Kijani Kenya Trust.

2. The Nairobi Marathon

In the land of the World’s greatest athletes, Nairobi Marathon is organized each October to support the eradication of curable blindness in Kenyan children.

3. Kenya Windsurfing Festival

The steady Kaskazi cross-shore winds coupled up with Kenya’s pristine south coast beaches makes it exceptional for surfing. Kenya windsurfing festival happens in March and December.

4. Turtle Eggs Hatching

If you love watching nature blossom from younglings, then you can come and watch as the hatching of baby turtles in large numbers at the Sea Turtle Conservation centre. This happens from April-June and September-December.

5. Rhino Charge

This annual off-road moto race through tough terrain raises support for Kenya’s mountain forest ecosystem. It happens in June and pure mad fun.

6. Maulidi Festival

Tourists can join Muslims in honouring the birth of Prophet Muhammad with many fun activities at the religious festival held in Lamu each June (Third month of the Muslim calendar)

7. Lewa/Safaricom Marathon

Funds raised from this marathon are used for conservation and community development. Athletes get to run through Kenya’s breathtaking scenery in Lewa Conservancy every June.

8. Turkana Cultural Festival

Describe by many as a ‘living museum’, Turkana festival celebrates the traditional cultures of Northern Kenya each June.

9. Hell’s Gate Wheelbarrow Race

This challenging and unique race in the picturesque Hell’s Gate National Park makes the perfect event at the right destination for tourists and locals alike.

10. Wildebeest Migration 

This is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. You will get breathtaking views of Wildebeests and zebras migrating through the crocodile-infested Mara River to Serengeti for greener pastures. The migration can go on for days and weeks from June to October.

11. Maralal International Camel Derby

Visitors get to experience local and untouched traditional cultures in the annual camel race in Nomadic Northern Kenya each August.

12. Cycling For Rhinos In Nakuru Park

Compete in a cycling race in the scenic Lake Nakuru National Park to help raise funds for rhino conservation. This happens every September.

13. Safari Sevens Series

Africa’s premier seven-a-side rugby tournament has a vast local and international following so if you are around from August-September, you can come and cheer to ‘your’ team where they will be playing.

14. Concours d’Elegance

Concours d’Elegance is organized by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club and is open to all makes of cars and motorcycles. This is the classiest event on the Kenya Motor Sports Federation calendar and is attended by over 10,000 people. The centrepiece of this event is the judging of 70 classic and vintage cars and 40 motorcycles under regulations approved by the Kenya Motor Sport Federation (KMSF).

15. Lamu Cultural Festival

This is simply a celebration of the rich and traditional Swahili Culture each and every November. Several competitions and races are staged during this week-long festival. These events are designed to each encourage local skills or practices that are central to Lamu life.

16. East African Classic Safari Rally

Held in November after every two years, the East African Classic Safari Rally is one of the biggest events for safari rally enthusiasts in Kenya and across the borders. It is one event one is guaranteed to enjoy.