List Of Crucial International Flights Travel Hacks

Many people in Kenya are domestic travellers and don’t really know how to go about international flights. That’s why these travel hacks for international flights come in handy even for frequent international flights travellers.

1. Stay hydrated 

While travelling, drinking water is not only important for hydration but also for staying resistant to germs. Flying on an aeroplane for long hours can lead to dehydration hence the need to always have a bottle of water with you although your flight if possible.

2. Reach The Airport Earlier

You should be at the airport as earlier as one or two hours before the time scheduled. This way, you can’t miss your flight and it gives you ample time to check your stuff out. You also get to relax as you wait for the flight.

3. Pre-order your meals

Pre-order your meals otherwise you won’t get what you want, you will get what is left. It is also convenient to order your inflight food ahead of time.

4. Eye-mask, Earplugs And Travel Pillow

This trio doesn’t even need an introduction. They are very crucial during long international flights. Eye masks help you sleep better, earplugs for uninterrupted music of course and a travel pillow will provide support for your neck or body so that you can sleep in a relaxed position, even on cramped, uncomfortable plane rides. They should just not be left behind.

5. Comfortable Shoes are Necessary

The flight might be long and you can’t wear shoes which you are uncomfortable in. Wear comfortable shoes so that you don’t have to unnecessarily remove you shoes and make your neighbour uneasy all the time.

6. Don’t Change Money At The Airport

You should not change money at the airports because exchange rates are low. Instead, go to ATMs or local banks for the best rates.

7. Check-in Online

Checking in online helps you to save time you could have wasted on queues. Online check-in for international and Regional flights opens 30 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and closes 1 hour to departure. Choose your favourite seats before you fly.

8. Choose Your Airline Wisely

Just like Passenger Service Vehicles plying the Nairobi Mombasa route or the Nairobi Kisii/Migori route, there are those that are really cramped and uncomfortable while others are very comfortable and charge a little bit more but are worth it. The same applies to airlines. You should choose your airlines carefully as others are very congested and very uncomfortable which is not good for a long international flight.

9. Compare Flight Fares 

Fares to the same destination can differ wildly between airlines, so be sure to compare as many different airlines as possible to get the lowest fare. Third-party booking sites (Kayak, Kiwi, and CheapOair) sometimes even have cheaper deals than booking directly with the airline.

Flying a day earlier or later can also save you hundreds of dollars, so always search for flexible dates.

10. Find Out The Best Way To Get To Your Hotel Beforehand

If you’re travelling to any destination for the first time, find out the best way to get to your hotel beforehand. Most airports are well connected to public transport and taxis might take more money and time. Don’t forget to ask your hotel if they provide free pickup services or not.

Other hacks are:

  • Choose green tea over coffee (Coffee won’t let you sleep).
  • Choose your seat at the time of booking to get the best seat available.
  • Turbulence is known to be the lowest near the wings of aircraft.
  • Don’t settle for middle seats, if you haven’t pre-booked the seat, ask for a window or aisle seat politely.
  • Avoid seats in front of the emergency exit since they don’t recline.
  • Don’t keep sitting for hours, take a trip to the restroom once in a while.
  • Bring your books/novels
  • No matter which airline you fly, join their loyalty program to earn miles.
  • Take an empty water bottle with you, fill it once you pass the security.
  • Tag your bags with your name, address and phone number.
  • Finally, believe it or not, but clearing the cookies from your browser can also help you to get cheaper fares because some booking sites will give you the fare they think you are ready to pay and if you’ve been searching a lot, they know!