List Of Activities Perfect For Adventurous Lovebirds In Kenya

There are many adventurous activities couples can enjoy in Kenya. It doesn’t have to be February 14th for you to go a little extra when treating those we hold dear.

Random adventures with loved ones can be all the spark in a relationship and here is a list of activities perfect for adventurous lovebirds in Kenya.

1.Bungee Jumping In Sagana

This is an adrenaline-packed activity which involves diving from a structure 60m tall with an elastic cord connected to your back so that you enjoy the sensation of free-falling but without crashing. You can go here for a perfect adventure with your loved one and even record them freaking out, haha.

2. Enjoy Breathtaking Views Of Mt Kenya Atop a Chopper

If you cant hike up the mountain, which of course is fun as a group, then scaling the heights of Mount Kenya on a chopper is another option for you. Normally, the flight is taken from Nanyuki airstrip and you will get to fly around all the peaks of Mt Kenya while enjoying a scenic view of the cliffs, glaciers, rivers and the expansive lush forest. This is one experience your significant other won’t forget.

3. Scuba Diving In Diani

You can also go for scuba diving in Diani where you will have a prepossessing view of marine life as you have never seen it before. You can also dive together and have a look at MV Funguo which sunk some years back. Alternatively, you can all snorkel and even go for skydiving, jetskiing or surfboarding if you know how to surf.

4. Ziplining At Kereita

Ziplining is another fun and adrenaline-packed activity too for couples. Kereita is one of the many places you can go for ziplining in Kenya.

5. Dhow Cruises In Lamu

Lamu has a lot to offer from its tropical climate to unspoilt and less crowded beaches, fresh seafood, intriguing culture, welcoming residents and streets free of cars of course.

You can go for a dhow cruise from island to island or sail to the sunset with your loved one on your arms. It is one moment you can only vividly picture and savour it if you go there. You can spend a night or two at one of the islands and even interact heartily with the locals and learn their culture too.

6. Biking On Ngong Hills

Ngong offers just the best trails and stunning backdrops for bikers. You can ride all the way to giant windmills and then relax as you gaze down the beautiful Ngong. The majestic Ngong hills will offer you both adventure and leave you with indelible memories.

7. Bush Breakfast In Nakuru/Mara

If you are in a camp or lodge within the Mara or Nakuru, you can request for a romantic breakfast in the bush and your wish will be granted at a beautiful spot under some tree in the bush for you two. From that spot, you can be able to spot wild animals roam at a distance. You can then go for a couple bushwalk if you wish to.