List Of 10 Affordable Safari Packages In Kenya

The tours and travels industry is catching up really fast. Indeed tourism is a significant sector in the Kenyan industry thanks to its impactful contribution into the economy. The Kenya wildlife conservation has become useful with its Natural Parks, Game Reserves, Water bodies, Historic Sites just to mention a few of its tourist attraction sites perceived as a national treasure.  With the wildlife conservations, at least ten tourists both local and international jet in, to savour the beautiful sceneries of the country.  Local airlines, travel companies, hotels and restaurants are busy making money from the regular visits. Here are most visited Kenyan game reserves and national parks and affordable Safari Packages to these top destinations.


To enjoy the view of Mt Kilimanjaro in one of Kenya’s scenic destination,  and the large heard of African bush elephants, you need to fly to Amboseli. It is a majestic landscape across  392 square kilometres of protected wilderness.  The park borders Tanzania at the foothills of Kilimanjaro. This Kenyan Safari Destination is accessible in less than an hour with a flight from Nairobi. Depending on the number of days you will be spending and the package that you choose, prices range. An Amboseli 3 day package ranges from KES 20,400 per person.

2. Maasai Mara

This reserve is considered Kenya’s best park and one of Africa’s highest wildlife density region for predators. With superb plains scenery, unmatched safari activities and diverse wildlife, Masai Mara Reserve stands out as the most iconic landscapes & scenic safari camp in Africa. A Safari Package to Maasai Mara ranges from KES 30, 000 to 42, 000 per person all factors included.

3. Mount Kenya
Being the second largest mountain in Africa, the scenery surrounding this is breath-taking.  With its pristine wilderness, lakes, dense forest and mineral spring starts and glaciers, the scene is quite beautiful.   A selection of rare and endangered species of animals, unique montane and alpine vegetation, makes  Mt. Kenya formidable. One can enjoy mountain climbing, camping and caving with the mountain’s rugged glacier-clad peaks providing the perfect backdrop.
 A good package can range from as low as Ksh 47,000.
4. Nairobi National Park
It’s is the only national park in the world to be found within the precincts of a capital city. It is known for its Black Rhino Sanctuary and, despite bordering the city, it is home to lions, leopards and hyenas as well as many other Kenyan animals. Its closeness to Nairobi also means it is very accessible to tourists who want to experience a safari without having to travel and stay overnight elsewhere. Half day safari at this park ranges from as low as Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 16,000.
5.  Aberdare
Aberdare National Park is a high altitude national park created to protect the slopes and moorland of the Aberdare Mountains. The topography ranges from high moorland, hills and peaks to indigenous forest, ravines, streams and waterfalls. Its high altitude makes it very rainy and misty, with roads impassable sometimes. An overnight Safari to Aberdare can go for KES 39,700.
6. Tsavo 
A one-of-a-kind Kenya expedition holiday awaits in both Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. The West Park offers the most magnificent game viewing in the world and attractions include elephant, rhino, cheetah, leopards, Buffalos, Hippos, lions, diverse plant and bird species while the East Park is a sight of dust-red elephants. A three-star hotel goes for as low as KES 19,000.
7. Meru National Park
The moment you travel into Meru National Park, you are treated to a remote and rugged atmosphere with luxuriant jungle, coursing rivers, swamp and khaki grasslands and a wide range of wild animals. For a package as little as Ksh 20,000, you can have a good time here.
8. Samburu

During your bush trip to Kenya, explore the natural beauty. The reserve offers a high diversity of flora and fauna, both large and small, which you can discover in its striking landscape. For a Safari Package, the prices range from Ksh 45,507 to Ksh 63,890

9.  Lake Nakuru
Your next trip to Lake Nakuru should be unforgettable. There is a massive population of Flamingos and an abundance of other wildlife waiting to be discovered. A Safari package will range from 197  Euros which is much affordable considering your trip extends to Lake Naivasha.
10. Lake Bogoria
Being an alkaline lake that lies in a volcanic region in the south of Lake Baringo, It is geothermically active on the western shore, with geysers and hot springs.  As one of its kind in Africa, you might wanna save some money and tour it. A two day trip to Lake Bogoria costs at least $ 370.