Lerruat Log Resort: The Perfect Kajiado Get Away

Escaping city life is a need that is experienced by almost all urban-dwelling folk. Since we cannot all afford to escape every weekend, we wait for long holiday weekends or for our accumulated leave days, and we pounce on the nearest offer we can get. If this is you, and you are now available to go for a relaxing short vacation, consider Lerruat Log Resort in Kajiado.


This beautiful haven in located in Kumpa, Kajiado county. On a good traffic-free day, it coult take you approximately 90 minutes to reach this destination. Thank God for tarmac roads because they make the journey less stressful. However, there is an approximately 5 kilometre stretch from the main highway to the resort with a steep ascend and rough road that might require a skilled driver to manoeuvre.

The Lerruat Log Resort

Once you arrive, you will immediately see why it is called a log resort. Well-crafted painted and arranged logs, giving it an automatic rustic feel, make the whole facility, giving it a rustic and earthy feel. It is almost like a large tree house that is grounded. Set on a hill, the resort gives you unmatched views of peaceful Kajiado. The rolling hills and valleys pair well with the gentle but distinct breeze and yes, you get to see Lake Magadi from this magnificent spot.


The Lerruat Log Resort is a great place for vacations and business trips too. It has three types of accommodation i.e. cottages, tower view and superior rooms. Each of these have different features from the rest with the cottages being the most luxurious and expensive.


The various conference halls can hold over 50 individuals. These rooms are air-conditioned, fully equipped with projection screens and white boards.

Bar and Restaurant

Their dining area is something out of a travel magazine. The cartwheel benches take you centuries back and give you a taste of the saloons in the Wild West as seen in movies. They serve a wide variety of both local and international dishes with their meat platter being something to definitely try.

Next to the dining area is the bar where you can enjoy a nice cold drink with your loved ones as you enjoy the majestic Kajiado sunset.

Additional features

Save from the above-mentioned features, Lerruat Log Resort goes an extra step to provide the following options for its guests:

  • Picnic and camping sites
  • Indoor game courts
  • Children’s play ground
  • A romantic bonfire experience
  • Nature walk and cultural visit
  • Bush massage

The rates and offer of Lerruat Log Resort vary depending on peak seasons. To get more information kindly call 0708 735646