Kimana Sanctuary: A Blend Of Conservation And Relaxation

Close to the Kenya-Tanzania border, lies a very significant feature known as Kimana Sanctuary. This place is a haven for most wildlife as it offers a safe migration corridor for all sorts of wild animals as they move between Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills. It is also a centre for local growth and development, making it an all-rounded retreat destination. Here is more information on this perfect destination.

Kimana Sanctuary; a brief history

Back in the 1980’s, a group of Maasai locals saw the need for reserving some land for the wildlife, especially elephants, that used the Kimana location as their migration route. Initially, the animals would cause a lot of conflict with their human neighbours because the latter were encroaching on the animals’ space. Therefore, Kimana Sanctuary started out as an effort to create safe passage between Amboseli and Chyulu for the animals. Eventually it grew to become also a home for numerous animals including giraffes, lions, leopards, cheetahs and an array of bird life.

Getting there

The Kimana Sanctuary is approximately 4 hours away from Nairobi CBD depending on traffic. It is around 80 kilometres along the Loitoktok highway. The sanctuary has a private airstrip which you can access by private or public aircrafts. You only need to give a 24 hour advance booking.


Kimana sanctuary has two main accommodation options. You can choose to stay in the Kimana house. This is a 4 bedroomed self-catering house that can hold a maximum of 8 persons per stay. The house offers its guests magnificent views, peace and quiet from city noise and an up-close view of the wildlife in the sanctuary.

The second option is camping. You can either hire camping gear or carry your own and pay for camping ground fees. Either way, you will get to sleep under the vast Kimana skies while enjoying cricket songs. You can then wake up to a jaw-dropping sunrise, chirps from dozens of birds and the fresh crisp smell of unpolluted air.

What to do

Kimana sanctuary is essentially a wildlife conservation space. So the main event in most itineraries is game viewing. However, there are several other activities you can participate in including:

  • Swimming
  • Bird watching
  • Nature trails
  • Cultural visits
  • Watching Maasai Olympics (when applicable)

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