Kilifi Calendar Of Events

The old coastal town of Kilifi emerges as a top destination for local and foreign travellers. It is dotted with amazing hotels, fantastic tourist attractions, a rich blend of Arab, Swahili and Mijikenda culture that’s a breath of fresh air.

Like any other county, there are many cultural festivals, religious, business and sporting events. If you are interested in festivals and other events happening in Kilifi County, then here is a list.

1.Rabai Cultural Festival 

Rabai cultural Festival happens in November 2nd -3rd and is organised by Rabai Cultural Centre and the County  Government of Kilifi. This festival is held in the village of Rabai near Mombasa. It celebrates the little known history and culture of this small coastal community and their role in the history of Kenya’s early exploration.

2. World Wildlife Day Celebrations

The world wildlife day celebrations are held annually on March 3 and are organised by the Kenya Wildlife Service and the County Government of Kilifi. This day is proclaimed to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’ s wild animals and plants.

3. Malindi Multicultural Festival

 Malindi Multicultural Festival is used to market the town known for its rich historical heritage. It is held in April during the Easter holiday and is organized by Mseto Africa.

4. Kilifi Got Talent: Dance Competition

Kilifi Got Talent happens annually in August and is organized by Distant Relatives Ecolodge and Backpackers with other stake-holders.

5. Kilifi County Cultural Festival

Kilifi County Cultural Festival is held each December and it showcases the rich culture of the people of Kilifi. It is organised by the local County Government.

6. Kilifi Ngalawa Dhow and Swimming races 

This event happens each year in December and is organized by Kilifi Boat operators. The main purpose of this event is to bring together the people of Kilifi to enjoy a fun-filled beach experience day. It is also an event that sets the Kilifi county apart and crowns its coastal heritage. Some of the activities done are mangrove planting, swimming, canoe racing, beach cleaning, boat capsizing skills, Ngalawa race and many others.

7. International Women’s Day Celebration.

Held annually on the March 8th, International Women’s Day Festival is supported by the County Government of Kilifi and it is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

8. Global Water Dances 

Global Water Dances is a visionary worldwide artistic initiative focused on the critical need for global water preservation and conservation through community engagement. It uses dance and film to promote awareness.

9. Kilifi County Cultural Musical Festival

The people of  Kilifi get to showcase their music art to thousands of visitors who attend this event every August and November. This event is organized by the Kilifi County Government.

10. Kilifi Gold Triathlon

This is one of the biggest sports events in Kilifi County which is held each year in September and is organised by the Kilifi Plantation.

11. Mekatilili Cultural Festival

This festival in honour of Mekatilili Wa Menza is hosted in August annually in Kilifi County. It is an energetic display of local culture for almost 5 days and is organized by MADCA and the County Government of Kilifi.