Kiira Cottage Naivasha: Home Away From Home

Unlike most holiday homes, the Kiira Cottage is not as massive and vast. In fact, this property sits on 10 acres, but he house is fenced within 2 acres, which make it easy to access and explore. Once you are at Kiira Cottage, you immediately get the feeling of warmth and welcome, and in an instant, it is just like being home. Here are some more details on this beautiful holiday destination.


Kiira Cottage is located in Naivasha, just close to the shores of Lake Naivasha. Its exact location is 2.5 kilometres off Moi South Lake Road. It lies on the Kedong Ranch, which can be accessed by road. Kiira Cottage shares the same physical attributes of Naivasha town, with warm days and slightly cooler nights. The tall acacia trees that are abundant in the area give beautiful shade during the day, and act as nesting areas for numerous bird species.


The Kiira Cottage is a 5 bedroomed house, with 3 baths with an extra twin tent just outside the house, also self-contained. In total, the house can comfortably carry 10 guests. The house is ideally a self-catering home with cooking and refrigeration facilities offered. However, upon prior request, and at an extra cost, you can ask for an in-house chef.

Facilities and Amenities

The house offers free housekeeping services with an in-house staff who helps with cleaning and setting up. Moreover, there is 24-hour security with a caretaker by day and a security guard at night. The property is securely fenced by wall and electric fences thus security is guaranteed. You can use the 10-acre space to carry out various activities including group sports, picnics, sunbathing, bird watching, and enjoying the views of Lake Naivasha and the surrounding hills. Kiira Cottage has a private pool that you can enjoy especially in the hot days.

Other Activities

From Kiira Cottage, you can access Lake Naivasha where you can enjoy boat rides and fishing expeditions. At Lake Naivasha, you will also have the opportunity to view the various hippo families that made the lake their home. You will also enjoy views of amazing birds including pelicans, kingfishers and Egyptian geese. After a long day by the lake, come back and set up a bonfire as you bond with your loved ones and share a meal. You can also carry out game drives and nature walks.

Bonus Points

Kiira Cottage is fully handicap accessible and has more than enough parking space, making it the best place for small groups and families.

For more information, contact: 0722838338 or 0734730699