Kenyan Gifts You Can Get For Your Child

One of the most exciting bits of travelling is getting things for people back at home. The first people to come to mind are usually family i.e. spouse, and children. As much as gift giving can be a hectic chore, you can never miss something special to get your children. Below are some ideas.

Kenyan Flag Beaded Bracelet

One of the most common, yet most celebrated accessories in Kenya is a Kenyan flag beaded bracelet. They might seem minuscule, but that is one of the few ways Kenyans get to patriotically identify with each other even when abroad. You can get this bracelet in almost any curio shop. The Maasai Markets in Nairobi and Nakuru are some of the best and cheapest sources. The best part is that you can get them customized with their names to make them more personal.

A Kitenge Shirt

Kitenge is a colourful Kenyan fabric used to make clothes. Most people make entire outfits including headgear and scarf. However, you can make simple shirts for your children, which will be a great memory of your visit to Kenya.

Maasai Blankets

Every child enjoys a warm cosy blanket, so getting your kids a Maasai blanket each would be a special gesture. Not only will they be big and fuzzy, but they will also be unique. Your children will enjoy having something that probably none other children in their neighbourhood has. And the best part is that they are multifunctional so you won’t miss a place for them once they outgrow them.

Hand Carved Toys

Back to the Maasai Market, there are various hand carvers and hand made products. These people use wood or stone to creatively carve to life, animals and other items such as cars. We bet your child would love to have a handmade action figure as opposed to one they can easily get at the store. Not only will you be promoting Kenyan culture and economy, but you will also be getting your money’s worth since these items are very long-lasting.