Karaoke Nights Calendar In Nakuru Town

If you are visiting Nakuru for a short while and you are a fan of the nightlife, then you are in luck. This post is for you. Nightlife does not have to be loud and noisy spaces. Sometimes you just want to sit at a restaurant booth enjoying a hearty laugh with loved ones. Sometimes you want to drive to an open field and watch the stars. And sometimes you just want to sing your heart out and get rid of all the mental stresses. If you are in Nakuru and would love to attend a Karaoke Night, then here goes a list of available options.

Karaoke Tuesdays at Sebs Club

If you do not know where Sebs Club is in Nakuru, just drive or walk along Kenyatta Avenue and look out for the flat roofed building covered in bright string lights. The Sebs Club has a variety of activities that go down within its walls, and luckily, every Tuesday is Karaoke Night. You can enjoy their assortment of drinks as you meet and make friends, waiting for your turn to hit the mic and sing your heart out. The event starts every Tuesday from 8 p.m.

Karaoke Wednesdays at Xcape Grill and Lounge

The Xcape Grill and Lounge not only offers you a great time during its Karaoke Wednesdays, their nyama choma and other foods are mouth-watering. And to top it all, the venue has more than ample parking. Located in the Nakuru’s Naka Estate, the Xcape Lounge is different from most nightclubs as it is more airy, cool and distinguished. Their Karaoke Night similarly starts at 8 p.m.

Karaoke Thursdays at Sans Chick Bar and Restaurant

The Sans Chick Bar and Restaurant is strategically located in the heart of the CBD. It is on the Karimbux Street that runs from Odeon Cinema down to Kenyatta Avenue. Thursday Karaoke Nights at Sans Chick have become a favourite among the town locals thanks to its vibrant atmosphere and amazing hostess. The winner of the Karaoke gets to have a free bottle of liquor. The competition however is only meant to make the nights more lively and the participants more engaged. The night starts at 7p.m.

Karaoke Fridays at Tiki Lounge

Finally, to wrap up the long week, Tiki Lounge hosts a Karaoke Night every Friday from 7 p.m. Tiki Lounge is another high class venue usually frequented by the upper class residents of the town and expatriates. However, it is open to everyone, and Karaoke Fridays are a great opportunity to get to know more about Nakuru and its people. The Lounge is located at the first Floor of the West Side Mall.