Interesting Facts About Lake Bolossat

Every time you think you know everything there is to know about Kenya and it’s beautiful features, something new and exciting always pops up. This is the case with Lake Bolossat. It is not a newly formed lake, but it is indeed lesser known perhaps because of its isolation and smaller size compared to the major lakes in Kenya. Here are some interesting facts about this awe-striking lake.

One of a kind

Unlike the Rift Valley that is littered with both alkaline and freshwater lakes, Lake Bolossat is the only natural lake in Nyandarua County and the larger Central region. It is a freshwater lake that is fed by natural springs, marshes and the forests of the Central highlands.

Home to Hippos

The Lake Bolossat houses a healthy number of hippos that live in the lake and surrounding marshes.

Rich in catfish

Apart from the hippo population, the freshwater lake is also home to a bounty of fish including the catfish. In fact, the local fishermen specifically trap the catfish given its high demand in the Nyandarua County and other external markets within the country.

Important Bird Area

The Lake Bolossat may be tiny but it is a hub of wildlife diversity. Aside from the rich flora surrounding it, the hippos and fish, the lake often hosts a number of Grey Crowned Cranes throughout the year. These birds stop over here to perform mating rituals. The breeding individuals then create nests around the lake where they nurture their eggs until hatching. Lake Bolossat has the highest number of Grey Crowned Cranes at any time in the whole of Kenya. Because of this, it is marked as the 61st most important bird area.

It was at the brink of extinction

Between the years of 2016 and 2018, the Lake Bolossat almost disappeared due to human activities. Events such as excessive farming, destruction of catchment areas and pollution of the lake chocked the basin and caused it to shrink drastically. However, the government of Kenya and other Environmental Organizations helped in the resurrection of the lake. As of January 2018, the lake is gazetted and protected by Kenyan law.

Has some of the best views

Lake Bolossat found in the highlands of Kenya has some of the best views. From majestic sunsets to the plush green vegetation of forests and marshes. The views at and around Lake Bolossat are ones that are best experienced first hand.