Important Things You Should Know Before Going On A Safari

When visiting Kenya, going to a game drive or rather a Safari is often one of the agendas in most travellers’ itineraries. You can visit numerous game parks, from Amboseli to Tsavo and back to Maasai Mara. Though some of the animals might be similar, no single game drive is similar to the other. So while you plan on embarking on your trip to Kenya, here are some golden rules to guide you during any of your game park visits.

Do not litter

Game drives can be long, and some take place in early mornings or all through an afternoon. As a result, you might be tempted to carry some snacks to combat your hunger before having the main meal. This is completely acceptable. However, you should always have a litterbag where you keep all the snack wrappings and empty water bottles for later disposal. Never litter the game park because the animals will definitely try to ingest your trash, which is terrible for their health. Baby animals may die while the mature ones may face some complications thanks to the litter. Every game park has strategically placed garbage cans, which are emptied regularly. Keep your litter on you until you reach said points for the sake of the animals and the environment too. This way, you will be an eco-friendly tourist and there is no greater badge than this.

Do not feed the animals

Animals such as baboons and monkeys may find their way to you and try to take food from your hand. As adorable and innocent as they may look, please never feed the animals with your food unless otherwise instructed by the game park rangers. Parks such as the Giraffe Park and animal orphanage may give tourists the chance to feed and interact with the animals. However, when out in the wild, you should avoid any such interactions for both your safety and that of the animals.

Do not make noise

Game drives can be exciting and thrilling and enthusiasm is much expected. In fact, it would be unforgivable if you came 20 ft. away from a majestic lion or elephant and not want to jump in joy. However, we have to respect the fact that these game parks are the homes of these animals and our noise might be distracting and uncomfortable for them. Animals too have instincts and feelings and sometimes they may just want to rest. Therefore, we should try to be as respectful as possible to them. You can be in awe of their presence without scaring them away right?

Always listen to your Tour guide

Tour guides are individuals who have gone through intense training that helps them know how to work with the animals in the game park. They thus know best when taking you through the drive. Always ask them whether an activity is safe and acceptable before undertaking it. Do not undermine their authority and ask them as many questions as possible because they are there to help and guide.