Il Ngwesi Conservancy- Another Laikipia Treasure

Laikipia is arguably one of the most beautiful and natural places in Kenya. It is endowed with a large number of wildlife including the great African elephants, rhinos, gerenuks, giraffes and zebras. It is also very rich in culture, seeing that it is amidst the home of one of the most authentic Kenyan communities, the Maasai. If you are looking for a retreat worth every penny you intend to spend, consider Il Ngwesi Conservancy.

The conservancy

Il Ngwesi came to life in 1996, after the Laipikiak Maasai agreed to give some of their grazing land to conservation efforts. As a result, the Maasai got to fully own and run the establishment. The conservancy is home to some black rhinos, elephants and other animals, which came to the conservancy both naturally and through translocation. You can visit the conservancy for a day trip if you do not want to stay in the facility.

The Eco lodge

If you do choose to spend a night or two, then you will stay at the Eco-lodge. The lodge is considered to be eco-friendly because it is constructed by 100% locally sourced material. It also runs on solar power, therefore greatly reducing levels of environmental pollution. Some of the materials you will see used include wood, thatched grass and leaves, animal hides and beads.

The eco-lodge has six bandas that can hold a maximum of 18 people including the staff. It is however not a self-catering space so the charged fees also cover food. The bandas are constructed to give the guests the best game views at the comfort of their beds.

The community

The Il Ngwesi Conservancy thrives on community development. Apart from the 16 rangers sourced from the local Maasai residents, the conservancy often employs bead and fabric making expertise from the Maasai women. A stay in the Eco lodge guarantees you an authentic visit to some of the Maasai Bomas where you will get to see first-hand the amazing and immortal ways of the Maasai.

Other activities

A visit to Il Ngwesi Conservancy definitely means a game drive through the establishment. However, after the long drive, some of the other activities you can partake in include:

  • A swim in the infinity pool while game viewing
  • Enjoying great food freshly prepared by the in-house chef
  • Guided bush walk
  • Bird watching excursion
  • Cultural visit
  • Sitting and relaxing while enjoying the views of Mukogodo Hills and Laikipia at large.

Getting there

You can arrive at Il Ngwesi Conservancy via Isiolo or Nanyuki by road or Air. The conservancy has a small airstrip that can accommodate very small aircrafts and helicopters. The staff offer transfers from both Nanyuki and Isiolo at a fee.

For more information on this heavenly retreat kindly contact:

Email or call +254 (0) 741770540

Email or call mobile +254 (0) 7246 36568