How To Stay Safe While Touring Kenya

Kenya is filled with magical places and experiences for all tourists no matter what part of the country you are in. However, like any other story, there are villains who would make your stay here not so enjoyable. Here are a few tricks on how to travel and enjoy Kenya safely.

Pockets over Bags

When it comes to storage of money, always put yours in pockets as opposed to bags. The smaller the pockets the better because it makes it hard for a pickpocket to reach for its contents. Front pockets are also better because a person is less likely to reach your front pocket without your knowledge.

If a bag is a must, the smaller the better

If you have to take your day trips with a bag, then carry a small bag as opposed to giant ones. A small bag reduces the chances of many things getting lost at once as opposed to big luggage. A smaller bag is also easier to monitor whenever you are carrying out your daily activities.

Distribute your valuables

If you are carrying a lot of money, then distribute them in all your pockets. That way, in case of a pickpocket incidence, you will not lose much. Avoid putting all your money in your wallet because if the wallet gets lost you will end up stranded and frustrated.

Carry small cash denominations

If you were buying street food and then you pull out a huge bunch of a thousand shilling notes, you would automatically attract attention to you. If there were pickpockets or conmen around, they would automatically make you their target. The vendor may also be tempted to overcharge seeing that you do not know the real value.

Carry copies of original documents

You do not have to walk with your original ID. You can make a coloured copy and use that one instead to reduce the chances of losing the original. Carry your ATM  and other bank cards only when necessary and keep them in the innermost pocket of your bag or wallet.


When you are going to places such as nightclubs or to visit the slums, make sure you go with a company. Take a friend who can be a traveller like you or a local. The latter option is always good because you will have an advantage of having someone who knows the lay of the land.