How to Soothe Your Child to Sleep on a Flight

Travelling with a child or children can be as hectic as it is fun. The advantage of having the little rascals for your vacation is that they can be a great company and they sure do make the best memories. However, they can also cause you headaches with their tantrums, never-ending energy and disappearing acts. Having them asleep is sometimes the best way to effectively keep an eye on them. Here is a short guide on how to lull your child to sleep on a plane, especially if it is their first time flying.

Get the best seats

If your child is above 3 years and has no special needs, you should opt for the window seat for them and you right next. A window seat works wonders in calming a child’s mind. The passing sea of cloud and almost nothing else sometimes has a hypnotic effect to the mind, which releases the anxiety that in turn soothes the child to sleep. In the event that you have an infant or a special needs child, then an aisle seat might be the best position for you. This way you can get to take as many trips to the bathroom or cabin crew as possible without disturbing other passengers.

Have a familiar item

Carrying your child’s favourite toy or blanket is always a good idea if your child finds it hard to sleep without them. Even If you view travel as a getaway to new experiences for your child, having them in a familiar environment allows them be assured that everything is okay. Just make sure to keep it safe especially when working through the terminals because you may end up not enjoying your vacation if ‘Blankie’ gets lost.

Workaround Nap Time

Most kids have a sleeping pattern they follow. If your child hardly falls asleep any other time than naptime, then maybe book the flight to coincide with this window. It might not be in your favour financially, but spending a few more dollars is much easier than travelling with a hyperactive child on a plane. You might have to chase after them at the airport, lose them in the bathroom or even have them hurt themselves. However, if you travel during nap time, the child’s body will automatically be less active, therefore easier to keep up with.

Hold them

Sometimes, seeing so many people all at once might be overwhelming for a child. They may, therefore, find it hard to fall asleep especially when they have a whole aeroplane seat to themselves. Holding your child gives them comfort and consolation. They will find it easier to fall asleep in your arms especially when there is turbulence or a storm because they feel protected by you.


Last and most important rule, is for you to relax. Children pick up what they see faster than what they hear. Therefore, even if you keep telling them that they are fine if your hands are shaky or you are just a ball of anxiety, they too will be restless. Meaning that putting them to sleep would be challenging. If you fear airplane travel, then we advice you to travel with someone who will be yours and the child’s comfort.