How To Prepare For A First Time Cruise

Cruising is not a common travel option for Kenyans. This can be because most Kenyans prefer travelling by road or air to their destinations. Also, most people have the notion that cruising is more of a Western than African thing. However, with the opening of the Mombasa Port to international cruise ships, and the development of various travel agencies that offer cruising packages, cruising is slowly gaining popularity in the Kenyan market. Here is a short guide on how to prepare for a first time cruise.

Travel Documents

If you are planning to go to international cruises, then your travel documents should be ready and valid. Make sure your passport will be valid throughout the period of your cruise. In case you need to renew your passport, do it a few months before the actual date of leaving so as to still be on time, even if delays were to occur. Visa applications should also be done at least two months in advance to avoid last minute disappointments.

Clothes to carry

Your wardrobe should be dependent on your destination’s weather conditions. However, make sure you carry warm clothes especially for the nights that you will be at sea. These can be extremely cold, even with air conditioned rooms. Some cruise ships have outfit specific dinners and events, so make sure you go through the cruise’s itinerary to know whether to carry an extra tuxedo or evening gown. Lastly, carry casual clothes and sunbathing attire that you can wear throughout the day on deck as you enjoy the open air and sun.

Items to carry

Apart from clothes, you will also need other items to use during the day. Bring a book and other forms of entertainment such as music or movies for times when you want to relax. Carry a pair of binoculars, which may come in handy, were you to spot a group of dolphins or whales. Carry a camera as well to capture the great moments. Sunglasses and a hat are important especially during lounging times. Lastly, have a universal adapter that will help you be able to use foreign sockets.


Always remember to carry medication, if any. Included in this category are other items such as sunscreen and insect repellents. The longer your cruise is, the more you are going to be exposed to the open air. Sunscreen and insect repellents will help keep your skin safe from sunburns and insect bites.


Last on our list of things to do and have for your first time cruise is cash. Although most cruises are full board and inclusive of most charges, you are still going to get the chance to explore destinations. Therefore, have some cash on you that will allow you move around the new cities, buy some things and enjoy what they have to offer.

Tip: In case you are susceptible to motion sickness, make sure to carry chewing gum and cinnamon snacks to help with the discomfort.