How To Perfectly Tour Your Own Town Like a Foreigner

Maybe you ask, how can I be a foreigner in my own town. You may be a Nairobi resident but haven’t gone to Nairobi National Park yet, The National Museum or worse yet visited any of the green spaces available in town. You might be a Nakuru resident and have never visited Nakuru National Park, Menengai, Hells’s Gate or even Lake Naivasha.

You see, you are more of a tourist in your town just like any other person from far places but the only difference is that you live there, you feel me? (: So I want to tell you just how to perfectly tour your own town like a foreigner or a tourist.

1. Visit The Local Park/Conservancy/Zoo

This is as plain as you see it. If you are in Nairobi, visit Nairobi National Park and see all that you have been missing just like any foreigner, same to Nakuru, Kisumu and any other town with a park, conservancy or a zoo.

2. Take a Historic Tour 

This is the best way to learn about your town, taking a historical tour around town. Know the history of the many iconic buildings in town, Visit Nairobi Museum, Visit the Hyrax to learn more about archaeology or Kisumu Museum to name just but a few and after the tour, you will realize that you have learnt so much about your town.

3. Go For a Fun Photoshoot

There are many scenic places across Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Eldoret and many more towns one can go for a photo shoot. Go for these shoots together with your friends as you explore your town.

4. Get a Hotel Room In Your Town

This is clearly my favourite. Waking up in a hotel or bed-and-breakfast is a tried-and-true way to set the mood for exploring for anybody. You don’t need to stay indoors in your house all weekend, get out, book that room and even watch your apartment from that hotel and for a moment enjoy what your town has to offer, just like a tourist.

5. Explore Your Town

There are many places you have promised yourself to check out but you in most cases never get that time. Sit down and plan when you will explore your town and even takea guide with you if need be, he/she might come in handy. A guide, in this case, must not be a professional guide, but even a friend who knows the city well who can take you around without getting lost.