How To Kill Time During a Long Flight Layover

Connecting flights can be both a blessing and a curse. Some airlines are courteous enough to provide you with a room and food, but what happens when you have nothing else to do but wait? Here are a few suggestions as to what you can do before catching your connecting flight.

Take a light nap

We insist on it being light because there is nothing as bad as being left by your flight because of having overslept. Sleeping at the airport also, although common, is not all that safe because you might end up being robbed. Therefore, when you decide to rest your eyes for a little while, keep your valuables closest to you. You could even ask the airport security to keep your luggage until you are awake. Be aware however that this is not their job so they may or may not agree to it. Set an alarm if you can just to be safe.

Explore the airport

In the event that you have had enough sleep on the plane, then take this chance to explore the airport. Depending on the city you are in, the airport can be as big as 10 or 20 blocks. This means that you will have a lot of things to do before your time is up. Visit the restaurants, check out the shops, and maybe even get something. The best thing about airport shopping is that the items are tax-free.

Explore the city

If you have more than 5 hours to wait, exploring the new city is not such a bad idea. You will have visited a new country involuntarily and that is a big win in the travel world. Do not go too far from the airport and make sure not to overspend because you still have a destination to get to. Also, keep all your travel documents safe to avoid any inconveniences.

Indulge your hobbies

After doing all the above and time still remains, then why not indulge your hobbies. Airports have all sorts of sitting areas so you cannot miss a comfortable spot to write, draw or sing. Doing this might even bring you relaxation and calm. You never know what friend you might make.