How to Keep Your Food Warm for a Perfect Picnic

Picnics are great ways to get out of the house and bond with friends and family on a budget. It is also a great way to spend a weekend or holiday without having to do so much. And the best part about any picnic is the food. You may choose to have a small and light picnic with store-bought snacks and drinks. However, you may also choose to carry cooked food for the whole experience. Below are some tips on how to keep your food hot and fresh, for a lovely outdoor meal.

Cook just before leaving

One of the easiest ways of keeping the food hot is by cooking as close to departure time as possible. Unless you are travelling to a far spot, the food is bound to stay at least warm until you arrive.

Aluminium foil

Before packing the food into containers, wrap the dry meals into aluminium foil paper. This easy and effective way traps as much heat as possible. It also maintains the food’s moisture keeping it fresh for consumption whenever needed.

Thermal food containers

Once the food is ready to go, pack them in thermal flasks and containers. The food containers are made with vacuum spaces that keep the heat contained for several hours before cooling happens. Luckily, you will only need a short while to reach to your desired picnic spot and start eating.

Cover the containers

This is a traditional yet very effective way of keeping the food warm during the transition. Once you have the containers packed, wrap them inside warm fabric such as towels or sweaters. The extra layer of cloth creates more space for the heat to travel during cooling, therefore keeping the food warmer for longer.

Insulated bags

You have several options of insulated picnic bags that you can choose from online and physical markets. These bags are made with a particular intention of keeping your food hot or cold as desired. The best part is that the bags can still be used for other uses apart from picnicking.

Pack them separately

Since you are going to have cooled drinks and foods as well, avoid packing the two categories close to each other. Keep the hot food a safe distance from the cooled ones to reduce the chances of heat loss.