How To Keep Your Documents Safe During Your Business Trip

When travelling for business, the main goal is usually to ensure the trip is a success. This success can rarely be achieved if you happen to lose or destroy the documents that are part of the meeting or deal. Although technology has allowed us to carry soft copies, tangible documents are still preferred especially when it comes to signatures and proving authenticity. Here thus are some tips on how to keep our documents safe ad good shape all throughout your business trip, for a successful outcome.

Leave copies at home

Before getting on that train, bus or plane, make sure you have left copies of the documents you are going to need for your business trip. This way, when worse comes to worst and the batch of documents you have are completely lost, you can always have someone scan the copies left behind and send them over to you. You can then print and use them, saving yourself the anguish of going back home with an unsuccessful report.

Back them up in the cloud

Leaving copies behind is not enough guarantee that everything will be okay. You might miss someone to scan and send them at your exact moment of need. Therefore, backing them up in the cloud can save you in such a situation. The only disadvantage being that you may not be able to retrieve them if you lose your devices or if you are travelling to an area with poor or no internet connection.

Make copies and store them separately

Since you can never be too careful, you can choose to make copies and carry all of them but in different storage locations. If you happen to have more than one bag, then store a copy in each. Have soft copies in your phone, flash drive and in your laptop if any. By having several copies with you, you will have more than one option of redemption if one batch of copies was to get lost.

Keep the originals in your carry on

When going on a plane, your luggage is often checked in and transported separately in the airplane. However, passengers are allowed to carry a bag with them into the passenger seating section. Keep the original copy with you in your carry on since losing a checked-in bag is easier than losing a carry-on. Therefore, even if you were to lose your luggage, with the original documents with you, you can still continue with business without delays as you wait for your luggage to be recovered.

Keep them away from food and other spillages

Do not be tempted to eat or drink around your documents, even when you think you are running out of time. Eating and drinking can take as little as five minutes. Therefore, choose to eat first before getting to your documents or vice versa. Also, keep away from swimming pools and places with a lot of activity going on because any slight spillage can lead to the destruction of your documents.

Keep them stored in a folder

Lastly and perhaps most important, make sure to safely store the documents in a folder, There would be no point in getting to your business destination with documents that have have been wrangled up in your bag or suitcase. The presentation matters as much as their physical presence does. Keeping them in a folder, preferably waterproof, keeps them rightly preserved and safe from any liquid damage in case of an accident.