How To Get The Best Rental-Car Deal In Kenya

With this kind of economy, prices are always an obstacle. You might want to travel upcountry or across town for a function and need a car but you simply can’t find a cheap one. Here are a few strategies for paying less or just getting the best deal for your next rental car.

1.Rent The Smallest Car Available

If you are not travelling as a big group, then rent out the smallest car like a Toyota Vitz or a Mazda Demio that will accommodate you and your travelling companions. Often, rental places have fewer small cars and will upgrade you to a mid-size for free if they run out. Either way, smaller cars are cheaper and more fuel-efficient.

2. Bring Your Own GPS

This is rather self-explanatory. If you rent out a car with rental GPS then you have to pay more. Many people don’t know that because they have not interacted with rental GPS before but it is there and can be as much as Ksh600 a day. So just make sure you bring your own GPS or use the guidance apps on your phone.

3. Take Your Seat From Home If You Have Kids

If you have ever wanted to rent out a car and want a baby chair on board too, you will realize that you will have to pay more for that. So if you bringing your kid aboard and have your own baby seat at home, then carry it as it will save you a few hundreds of shillings a day.

4. Skip Fancy Extras

Fancy extras which won’t add any value to your trip like a screen behind all front seats can be a creative way for a rental company to charge you more. Be on the lookout for such fancy extras and skip them because you will definitely spend more on them.

5. Book Through Aggregator Sites

Book through aggregator sites like Myhire or Pigiame. You can get the best deals which you cant get from the actual car hiring companies.