How To Enjoy A Boda Boda Ride When In Kenya

Kenya is known for so many interesting and exciting things. Some are fun and others are a bit eerie. Nevertheless, you should always try to embark on as many adventures as possible. All you have to do is do research on it before actually participating, and most of all ensure your safety. Boda Bodas are simply motorbikes meant for public transportation. since most tourists have never experienced this, here is a list of tips on how to have a blast when taking a Boda Boda ride.

Have a clear destination

Bodaboda riders are businesspeople like any other. This means that they always try to make a lot of money whenever the opportunity presents itself. They can easily tell when someone doesn’t know where their destination is so they will use the longest route in order to charge you more. Before approaching a bodaboda rider, chart out a route that is near your hotel or in an area that is familiar to you. Then confidently tell them your destination and mention a few nearby places so that they know you are nor clueless.

Go during the day or else, go with a friend

It is not bad to go on a bodaboda ride alone because most of the riders just want to get as many customers as possible and then go home. However, not everyone is trustworthy and that is why we advise you to plan this adventure during the day. Make sure the route you decide to take is in a populated area just to be safe. If you choose to have the ride at night then make sure you get a friend, especially a local to come with you.

Ask for a helmet and reflector jacket

We understand that not everyone enjoys sharing helmets with the public. You can carry your bike helmet or persevere the sharing one for a short while. Also, ask for a reflector jacket especially if your route is on the highway. This makes you visible to other drivers thus lessening the chance of an accident happening.

Have your money intact

One thing that bodaboda riders take seriously is their payment. To avoid any fracas ensure that you have your fare in hand and ready. Most rides will not cost more than $2 and that is on the higher side. In towns such as Nakuru, Eldoret, Limuru and the likes, a standard bodaboda ride is $0.50 so you will not be unable to pay. Always agree on the price before getting on the bodaboda.

Be courteous

A bodaboda ride is quite personal given that it is you and the rider only. While you do not have to be chatty, you can be a bit courteous and friendly to the rider. Simple things such as asking how their day was will go a long way in breaking the ice. Say please and thank you and simply be kind. You will be surprised how easy it is to melt the heart of a bodaboda rider.