How to Combat Car Sickness While On A Kenyan Safari or Road Trip

Motion sickness is common to most individuals especially when it is your first time travelling using certain means, or when you have been on the move for so long. Car sickness for most cases can be treated without having to go to the doctor. Below are a few hacks on how to manage your car sickness while on a Kenyan Safari.

Plan Ahead

Most safaris offer their participants an itinerary beforehand so that they can plan themselves. If you know that a Safari is not going to take too long, you can skip the meal before the exercise so as to reduce the chances of having nausea. However, if the safari is going to take long, try to eat light, and avoid foods such as eggs and bananas, which are common nausea triggers.

Have a vomit bag

This may seem like a drastic measure, but a vomit bag does wonders in calming down nausea. It also comes in handy when the body gives in and you have to throw up.  Whenever you feel like puking, just take a few breaths with the bag covering your mouth.  The pressure created helps in pushing down food, therefore, preventing vomiting.

Sit by the window

Ventilation highly helps in calming a stirred up gut. Whenever you feel yourself coming down with carsickness, open the window and let the moving air catch your face. The fast and heavy breeze somehow calms your senses and brings down the motion sickness.

Take ginger, cinnamon or mint-based snacks or bites

Ideally, you should avoid eating during the trip if you have motion sickness troubles. However, when it completely unavoidable, then take snacks with mint, ginger and/or cinnamon in them. These three ingredients work well to calm down nausea, dizziness and headaches. You can either have them in water, tea, biscuits or in chewing gum.

Distract yourself

Getting your thoughts away from the sickness also reduces its effectiveness. Distract yourself by getting into an engaging unrelated activity. For example, you can indulge in a debate with the people around you, play a thrilling game, or look out at the many sites out of the window. If all of these fail, then you can also choose to take a short nap. But this might mean losing out on interesting things happening along the way.


If all the above-mentioned methods fail, then you can seek medication. You can ask your doctor for a prescription before coming to Kenya. However, most tour guides have first aid kits, which have medication for most if not all common travelling complications. Make sure you let your tour guide know when the issue has become unbearable so as to get quick medical help.