How To Be A Great Airbnb Host

Being a travel fanatic means you understand and share in the struggles travellers have to endure finding good accommodation in their new destinations. It also means that you have adequate experience being an Airbnb guest. You might, therefore, consider offering Airbnb services yourself while you are back home. This can be as an act of kindness to other travellers and also as a means of generating some extra income. Being a great Airbnb host goes beyond having accommodation facilities. Here are a few tips on how to be an outstanding host.

Communicate with your guests prior to their arrival

Travellers, especially those doing so for the first time, would use all the help they can get. Therefore, once the guests have confirmed and paid for their stay in your Airbnb, it wouldn’t cost you a thing offering a little extra help. They might need a taxi driver from the airport, and you being the local, can easily send one their way.

Receive your guests where necessary

If you happen to be around, if you will be co-sharing your home with your guests, it would be a great impression if you received them when they arrive. You can wait for them at the door, helping them with their luggage and setting them up in the house. If you cannot personally do so, you can always assign a friend to fill in.

Keep it clean

You might rarely use the house you have put up for hosting. That does not mean it should be neglected. Whenever you have guests arriving, try to leave the house as clean and neat as possible. Not only is it healthy and the right thing to do, it will also determine whether the guests will come back or recommend you.

Give it a personal touch

The difference between an Airbnb and a hotel room, apart from the price, is the feeling of home the former gives. Try to decorate the house simply but tastefully. Proper lighting, comfortable cushions, art and other décor are some of the ways you can set it up.

Give proper instructions

If you are not going to stay with your guests, then you will do well to let them know of all the rules and regulations that might apply. That includes noise levels, where to dump garbage, what happens when something is broken or damaged etc. In case you have an electronic that requires a step-to-step operation, you can always leave a sticky note on said electronic.

Go the extra mile

When describing your Airbnb online, you are required to outline everything the guest should expect from your house. However, going the extra mile always makes the guests feel more welcome. Some ways to do this include leaving them a welcoming bottle of wine, putting chocolates under their pillows, or stocking up the fridge for them.

Give local suggestions

Since you are a local, you can always leave suggestions and recommendations on what to do while they are in your country. Moreover, you can always volunteer to take them around if you are available. You do not have to be best friends with your guests but rendering a helping hand always goes a long way. You may end up making lifelong friends while at it.

Bid them farewell

Once the stay is over, you can always help them get back by providing a cab for them or driving them to the airport yourself. This can be after giving them a farewell dinner or party where possible.

Give your guests fair reviews

You will not always find lovely guests. Some may end up messing up your house and living it in shambles. Others may end up turning into close friends at the end of it all. Whatever the case, always give your guests a good review. That way, they can easily find accommodation in their next destination, and you can also get good reviews which will help in finding other guests.