How To Avoid Losing Your Luggage When Flying

Most travellers have been the victims of delayed or lost luggage at the airport. Some people find their things later the same day, after a few weeks or sometimes never at all. It can be frustrating and full of loss. Getting your luggage misplaced can sometimes be inevitable. However, these few tips can help in lessening the chances of them getting lost.

Customize your Luggage

Ever seen people at the airport with very conspicuous suitcases and you think they are drawing unnecessary attention to themselves? The truth is that they are in fact being smart. Bags with huge drawings, shouting art and other extraordinary features are bound to be easily noticed by the cabin crew. They will somehow form a subconscious attachment to them, making them 99% less likely to get lost. Try to make your suitcase easily noticeable by changing it outward look. This is even more necessary for frequent travellers.

Carry-on your Valuables

Things like laptops, phones, documents and other valuables should always go with you in your carry-on bag. Even if you forget them in the overhead compartments, it will be easier to trace it back than checked-in luggage.

Put details on Luggage

Aside from customizing your suitcases, you should also have your details printed on the back and front of the luggage. That way, even if the luggage gets lost, you will be tracked down and the items will be returned to you. Have contacts such as your name and email address and even WhatsApp contact through which you can be reached no matter your geographic location.

Back-Up Data

It is always best to be safe than sorry. Although you shouldn’t anticipate your luggage getting lost, it is advisable to have all your important data on phones and laptops backed up. Sometimes the lost luggage is never found, and in such cases, having had a backup will save you from great loss.

Take a photo of your luggage

Before checking in your luggage, make sure you take a comprehensive photo of its contents. That way, when the luggage is recovered by the airlines, you will have proof of ownership. Not having the latter can sometimes delay the process of luggage restoration.

Check and Keep Luggage Tag

Before boarding on the plane, always countercheck the luggage tag that is usually placed at the back of your boarding pass. Ensure that the details of your destination are correct to avoid any confusion. Once you have this settled, keep that until the end of your trip so that you can use it for reference if necessary.