Hotel Booking Tips For A Solo Traveler In Kenya

So you have finally placed the red tack over Kenya on your map of dream destinations and you are wondering how to get the best hotel for you? Well, have no worries because below are 5 highly efficient tips on how to choose your Kenyan home away from home. The list consists of things to look for when booking a hotel.

Proximity To The Main Road

The ultimate getaway hotel should ideally be far away from any civilization, surrounded by nature and clean air. However, when travelling alone, and for the first time, it is better to get a hotel room that is close to the main road. This will come in handy especially when you have had a long busy day and you are coming in late. Proximity to the main road also means proximity to most if not all services such as amenities, health care and the like.

Availability Of Entertainment

As a solo traveller, one of the things that should be on top of your to-do list is to experience the local entertainment scene. Whether this means clubbing, going to an art gallery or a simple karaoke night, you should vow to attend. Having your hotel close to venues that host these events, makes it very convenient. You will not have to worry about transportation costs, safety or even getting lost. And, you won’t have to leave the show halfway done because you can stay out late.

Health Care Facilities

There need not have a huge hospital next to your hotel, but you should always try to be as close to a clinic or dispensary as possible. Being sick during a trip abroad is almost part of the general experience thanks to food, climate and other changes. You will, therefore, do well to at least do your research and find a hotel which isn’t too far from a hospital.


The surrounding neighbourhood of a hotel should tell you enough about the quality of the same. Being a tourist, it can be a bit tasking trying to find out about Kenyan neighbourhoods. However online sites such as Quora, facebook and other expat-related forums will almost always have the answers you seek. Google can also help when other options fail. The kind of neighbourhood you choose will determine the safety, level of noise, and friendliness of your stay, among other things.


Kenya is one of the best African destinations for both the solo and group traveller. The amount of fun and memories you will make cannot be measured. So go ahead and book that hotel and get on the next flight to the heart of Africa.