Hot Air Balloon Tips For First Time Riders

Whether you are at Hell’s Gate or the Mara, hot air balloon rides are basically the same. Just like flying by plane. However, for the first time, it can be scary and you might have some doubts about going through with it. Here are some tips on what to do and have in order to have a smooth ride in the clouds.

Make an Early Booking

Hot air balloons are almost entirely dependent on the weather. If you are visiting Kenya over a short period, make sure you plan for the ride early into your trip. This way, even if it is cancelled you will still have time to reschedule.

Set An Alarm

When it is finally time to go for the ride you are best setting an alarm. Most hot air balloon rides are scheduled for early morning in order to catch the sunrise. This means that even a five-minute delay can disrupt the experience. The hot air balloons have a specific take-off time and you should try to be on time to avoid being left behind.

Wear Layers

Even if you are in Kenya during a hot month, the hot balloon ride tends to get colder as you increase altitude. You should, therefore, have layers of clothes, which you can remove once the ride gets to a stable height.

Have sunglasses

The sunrise can be strong from such a high point and without any form of barrier such as windows. Having sunglasses will protect your eyes from intense sunlight and also allow you to have a better view as opposed to seeing the event through squinted eyes.

Wear Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

If you have sneakers or sports shoes, choose them over sandals, high heels and other unstable shoes. The same goes for clothes. You are better off cargo pants or sweats or other stretchy fabric as opposed to tight skirts and dresses. For starters, getting on and off the basket allows some aerobics that you might not be able to do in uncomfortable clothes. The windy conditions in high altitudes may also make you uncomfortable if your dress or skirt keeps being swept away.

Carry a Camera

You must want to take as many photos as possible during your balloon ride. Having that kind of aerial view is rare and magical. However, make sure to keep your camera and phone on your person to avoid dropping them. You can use a fanny pack or gadget belt around your waist to keep them held.

Have Fun

Most importantly make sure you enjoy your balloon ride. Do not let your nerves get the best of you. Remember that flying is actually the safest mode of transportation so you are definitely safe.


Hot air balloon rides can be expensive. We, therefore, advise you to go for a shared ride in order to cut on costs. A shared ride does not in any way remove from your experience.