Grogan Castle Hotel Taveta: A Palace in the Wilderness

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere of the Taveta Wilderness lies Grogan Castle Hotel, a historical trinket. The castle offers its guests a handful of perks including unforgettable views, a rich trip down memory lane and a well-deserved moment of peace and quiet. The Grogan Castle Hotel is easily accessible from Nairobi, Mombasa or Tanzania and it is one of the many underappreciated stay-in places. Here is a brief outlook on the same.


The story goes that one Sir Ewart Scott Grogan walked the long way from Cape Town to Cairo to win the heart of the love of his life. Once she said yes, they moved to Taveta where he built this magnificent castle. They spent the rest of their lives here until the property was later turned into a hotel following the passing of the two individuals. Grogan Castle Hotel is now a 6 bedroom all ensuite house with an external 2 bedroomed self-catering cottage. Altogether, the hotel carries a maximum of 15 guests.

Staying here

The main house has a manager and other staff including a chef and is ran as a hotel. That means that you get all services offered in a hotel including in-house catering. The rooms are all thickly designed and decorated to celebrate the rich history of the house. At the common lounging area, you will find numerous photos of Sir and Lady Grogan together with tonnes of Old Magazines that tell more about the castle. If you choose to stay at the castle then you can enjoy the same but at on a self-sufficient way.

What to see

If you are a history fanatic or an appreciator of fine antiques, you will be glad to see and behold some of the furniture personally handpicked or handmade by Sir Grogan. The castle doubles as a museum and a hotel. If you take a walk outside, you will be mesmerized by unedited views of Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Jipe and Lake Chala. You will also get numerous bird visitors that will pop in and out throughout the day,

What to do

If you have had enough resting and you are ready to explore Taveta then there are several places you can easily visit from the castle. These include Tsavo National Park, Lake Jipe, Lake Chala and the Pare Mountains. You can also visit the town of Voi if you are looking for the vibrant life of the city or if you need to get any supplies.

For more information on how to get there and how to make reservations, kindly contact: 0735 759232.