Funzi Island: A Perfect Isolation Within Nature

Funzi Island is located 70 kilometres south of Mombasa. It is known primarily for its beautiful tranquil beaches and amazing seclusion for perfect privacy.

Funzi Island is remote and can only be accessed by boat or air. Here you can experience turquoise waters, slivers of white sand and dense tropical vegetation.

How To Get There

Take a matatu to Ramisi junction from Likoni terminal south of Mombasa. Then take a motorcycle or tuk-tuk to Bodo village where you will get a boat to Funzi Island.

What To Do Here

1. Dhow Rides

Funzi island can only be accessed by boat or air. Once here, you can go for dhow rides and savour the prepossessing marine life as you sail to the horizon.

2. Visit Funzi Keys

Funzi Keys is a tiny island on Kenya’s south coast just near Funzi Island which is separated from the main Funzi Island by thick mangrove swamps. You can even sleep there as there are amazing hotels there like the Funzi Keys itself.

3. Crocodile Safaris

Make sure that you go to the nearby  Ramisi River for a crocodile safari with your guide and have the best time learning about vicious those sea creatures.

4. Swim at The Sandbanks

What is the essence of visiting a beautiful island destination and leaving without taking a dip? Swim at the natural sandbanks just offshore the Funzi village in the clear blue waters and later bathe in the sand at the shores as you bask.

5. Ensure You See Sea Turtles

Don’t leave here without seeing turtles. Funzi Island is Kenya’s best nesting site for a variety of sea turtles such as green turtle. You can plan your visit around the time when baby turtles are hatching.

6. Cultural Tour In Funzi Village

Funzi Island is small and within it is Funzi Village which has around 1500 people. You can get your travel agency to organize a cultural tour around the village where you will enjoy the local culture and even enjoy their traditional meals.

This place is better accessed if you get an organized travel agency but you can also go by yourself if you wish.