Fun Indoor Activities In Nairobi For Introverted Travellers

Contrary to popular belief, travelling is not all about hiking, bungee jumping and deep-sea diving. When you are introverted, you might enjoy calmer activities that do not require much interaction or energy. That is where these six fun indoor activities come in. Each being just the right amount of intriguing but still maintaining a low-key ambience. We hope you enjoy.

Ice Skating

Kenya is an equatorial country meaning we do not have the winter, summer, autumn nor spring. There are therefore no natural ice skating facilities. The Panari Ice Skating Rink comes as close as we will ever come to the same. For as long as it has existed, it has become a favourite for most. Being the only indoor ice skating rink in East Africa, the place can get a bit crowded especially on weekends. However, if you go on a weekday, you might be lucky enough to have the place to yourself. The rink charges only Ksh 1000 ($10) per hour, inclusive of skating boots. You can have a nice and quiet yet thrilling time skating your day away here.


For those that enjoy the excitement that comes from a good cards game or spinning the wheel of fortune, then perhaps a visit to the casino will be an appreciated event. With air-conditioned rooms, available food, drinks, and the distance away from the chaos of daily life, most introverts prefer casinos. Just be careful enough with your money and other belongings. Have fun but with limits. Some casinos to check out in Nairobi include the FlaminGo Casino in Westlands and Finix Casino at Kilimani Estate.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is not only a fun activity, but it also allows you to put in some exercise while at it. Indoor rock climbing spots can be a bit crowded sometimes, but you can always find a quiet corner and do your thing. The Climb Blue Sky Centre is a popular indoor rock climbing facility in Nairobi. With the option of daily payment or monthly subscriptions, you can make it a regular visit for as long as you are in Nairobi. Find out more here.


Museums are an all-time favourite for anyone that enjoys quiet and visual stimulation. You get to walk down history and live through events and inventions now gone. From tools to animals to art, you can spend a whole day getting lost in these amazing exhibitions. The Nairobi National Museum and Karen Blixen Museums are just a few examples of where to enjoy rich Kenyan history. If you like snakes, the Snake Park at the Nairobi National Museums should be an added bonus to your trip!

Theatre Arts

Perhaps you just want to sit back and watch a live play, poetry, or music performance; you have the options of visiting the Bomas of Kenya, which displays traditional performances from all Kenyan ethnicities. You will get to have a small but significant introduction to the people of Kenya and their way of life. If you are looking for a more neo scene, then perhaps the Kenya National Theatre is the place to be. You will get to watch both established and upcoming talents in Kenya in their elements. Even with people around, you are guaranteed comfort, fun and worth for your money. Check this link for more information on events.


After going to museums and skating rinks, you might need to recharge and lay back as you reminisce on the day’s events. There are a few hidden spots scattered all around the city where you can have a nice cup of coffee or a plate of your favourite food. You might be lucky enough to end up in a café that has soothing music and just the right amount of privacy you need to be comfortable.