Four Spots To Get The Best Local Dishes In Nakuru

To fully experience a country, one must fully immerse themselves into the music, food and culture. Although some foods are common throughout the world such as French fries and burgers, some can only be found in a certain country or culture. In Kenya, some of our local foods include Chapati, Ugali, Mukimo, Mboga za Kienyeji, Githeri, Omena and Matoke, among others. While not too common in most restaurants, some spots have made these local dishes their main menu. So, if ever you are in Nakuru and you want to eat authentically Kenyan dishes, here are some spots to visit.

Majid’s Restaurant

As the name suggests, Kenyan Indians own the restaurant. However, being one of the oldest restaurants in the town, the menu comprises of coastal, Indian, local and fast food meals. The local dishes are so well made that most working class people have their supper there before heading home. The restaurant is a favourite and must visit because of the affordable prices, fresh food and ample space. They also open until 10 p.m. something uncommon with most Nakuru restaurants.

Brian’s House

Brian’s House is a fairly new addition to the Nakuru catering industry, but it has really picked up the pace since inception. The spot is located in the Milimani area just opposite the Nakuru Show Grounds. Ashley’s Events run the place, and the set-up attests to this. Unlike conventional restaurants, this is an outdoor spot made of tented seating areas that encourage communal dining. Brian’s house specializes in local dishes, hosting a buffet of the same at least twice a week for only 350/= ($3.5) per person.  It is a wonderful and affordable way of enjoying Kenyan dishes and meeting Kenyan people.

Chicken Pot Restaurant

The Chicken Pot restaurant is another long-standing establishment in Nakuru town. Located at the Uchumi Business Centre, the restaurant serves travellers mostly thanks to the various long-distance matatu offices in its vicinity. As the name suggests, their signature dish is chicken, but of local recipe. Apart from being easy to access, Chicken Pot restaurant is spacious, with an upstairs that has a balcony sitting area, where you can enjoy your meal while looking over the busy Nakuru life.

Jikoni Hub

Jikoni’s restaurant serves a balance of local and fast food dishes. The restaurant is famous for its common offers and deals which make their spot a favourite place. The restaurant has a rich décor that reflects different Kenyan cultures with soft background music constantly playing throughout the day. Apart from having finger-licking local dishes, the restaurant is also a good place to work in when you need a quiet and conducive space.