Four Lakes In Kenya We Bet You Didn’t Know About

Kenya is abounded with numerous water bodies including part of the Indian Ocean that occupies most of the country’s southern border. More water bodies include lakes, rivers and dams, all of which are scattered all across the country. Some of the famous lakes in Kenya include Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo and Lake Victoria. But there are some lakes not quite famous and we put up the following post to give you more information on them.

1. Lake Ellis

The Lake is located on the eastern side of Mt. Kenya. The Lake occurs at the highest point that anyone can go by car. It is a refreshing site amidst the rocks and valleys that are common in the mount’s region. Some of the people that have visited the lake refer to it as ‘magical’ and ‘something out of a fantasy.’ Lake Ellis is a perfect spot for picnicking, camping, photography, and nature trails. Lake Ellis is a freshwater lake.


2. Lake Kenyatta

Named after the first president of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Lake Kenyatta is located in Mpeketoni Lamu. The freshwater lake has been under several threats of drying up due to drought and siltation but has recently rejuvenated back to a healthy state. It provides water for both animal and man who live within its vicinity. Among the animals one can see in and around the lake are hippos, gazelles and buffalos. The lake also has a significant population of birdlife that you can enjoy watching and photographing.

©The Majlis Resorts

3. Lake Logipi

On the opposite side of the country lies Lake Logipi. This is a small soda lake that neighbours Lake Turkana. It lies in the little-explored arid Suguta Valley. Lake Logipi is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country especially when it is hosting a few thousands of the Kenyan Flamingos. Lake Logipi also boasts of hot springs, other birdlife and magical volcanic features for neighbours.


4. Lake Solai

Another salt-water lake, Lake Solai is found within Nakuru County. It is known to hold fish that were recently introduced to the waters. Lake Solai offers a great spot for a day picnic, boat rides and nature trails. It is also a great spot for taking photos that appreciate hidden and less manipulated environments.

©Stephen Ng’ang’a

Are there more hidden lakes you know about?