Five Things to Consider When Hiring A Bus For Group Travels

The need for bus hiring may arise when transporting a large group of people. You may hire a bus for a single day when attending an event such as a wedding, game drive, or funeral. Or it may be for several days when doing a backpacking expedition as a group. Like car hire, bus hire has some factors that determine the quality of your trip. For the best experience, look out for the following things.


If you are travelling long distance, space is going to be more important than most other things, because space dictates comfort. Make sure the bus you choose for your trip has enough room above and below board. Below board because you might have lots of luggage which if stored inside the bus will only cause crowding and discomfort. The best buses have enough luggage space in compartments under the boarding area. There should also be enough space between seating rows and columns for easy seating and movement.


Most buses are not handicap friendly and this might be restricting for some travelling groups. If you have a handicap individual(s) in your group, make sure that their comfort comes first. Sometimes this might come at an extra cost, but that should not be a hindering factor.


You do not know boredom until you have hundreds of miles to cover and you have nothing to keep you busy. Sure you can engage in conversations, take a quick nap or listen to your own music. But you also have to remember to save your phone’s battery for emergencies. Therefore, check whether the bus you are hiring has a sufficient entertainment system. According to your budget, you can get one with screens so that you can watch movies as you go. Other entertainments include the stereo, Wi-Fi and magazines.

Spare Driver

For long distance travel, always make sure the bus you are hiring has a spare driver. Again, this might come at an extra cost, but it will be worth it. Most of the bus accidents that happen are linked to the fact that the driver lost control due to fatigue. A spare driver also comes in handy when you happen to have car troubles. So always, ask for a spare driver to ensure you and your group’s safety.

Functioning Amenities

Very few people bother to check the inside of a bus as much as its exterior. Before making final payments, check that the bus has functioning amenities such as working air conditioning, windows that can easily open and close, presence of a fire extinguisher and full first aid kit, a washroom that flushes if any and unbroken seats. It can get quite stuffy and uncomfortable if any of these things miss during a long trip.