Fashion Mistakes to Avoid When Travelling

Travelling is not only enjoyable it is medicinal as well. Moreover, travel is the best way to get exposed to the many things the world has to offer. When travelling for the first time, one is bound to make a few mistakes. For example, one can mix up the time of boarding a plane, forget to carry their vaccination documents or even fail to pick their luggage from baggage claim. Luckily, we have compiled a list of fashion mistakes to avoid the next time you travel.

Open shoes for hiking and nature trails

Hiking and nature walking requires closed and steady shoes. This is because hiking trails have different terrains that may lead to accidents of the leg or foot. Items like thorns, sharp rocks and insects can sting or otherwise irritate exposed feet leading to injury of different levels. Boots with treads are the best option for any walking excursions.

Jeans while camping or hiking

Jeans are comfortable and trendy wear for almost all occasions. However, they are not ideal for camping or hiking especially in temperate areas. The jean or denim material is a bad heat conductor. This means that when it gets cold, you will not be able to keep warm. The opposite is also true. Wearing jeans at the beach or dessert can lead to overheating that may in turn cause dehydration.

Heavy make-up in hot areas

When you go to places like Kisumu, Mombasa, Machakos or Northern Kenya where the temperatures are steadily high for most of the day you will spend most of the day sweating. In such places, sweating is good because it means your body is correctly responding to the external heat. However, when wearing heavy make-up, you may end up overheating due to your facial pores being blocked. In the event that you do manage to sweat, the make-up might end up staining your clothes.

Short attire on the plane

Even if you are travelling in the middle of summer, never wear shorts or short dresses/skirts when boarding the plane. The temperatures 10,000+ feet above sea level are very cold. You may end up being very uncomfortable from the cold. The other reason is that you cannot tell for sure how the weather of your destination is like especially if you are flying across countries or continents. Trousers, leggings and other warm clothing are more ideal.