Factors To Consider Before Retiring In Kenya As A Foreigner

Elderly people often choose countries such as France, Italy, Thailand and the Caribbean Islands as their retirement destinations. However, Africa has just as much to offer when it comes to beautiful seas, mesmerizing beaches, good climate and friendly folk. Kenya, for example, has all these things and much much more. But how exactly does one retire into Kenya? Here is a short guide.

Identify which part of Kenya suits your Fancy

Kenya is a large country with over 40 counties. This means that you have a variety of Kenyan options to choose from. Factors such as climate, economic status and personal preferences should help you make a decision. For example, if you are looking for a cold highland climate with lots of vegetation and limited noise, places such as Limuru, Nyeri and Kiambu would be perfect. But if you want a fast city life, Nairobi is your go-to. Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu offer a view of the ocean and nice equatorial beaches well the western side of Kenya is a major agricultural hub. You do not have to make a permanent decision, but having a starting point does help.

Get the correct documentation

Your retirement is meant to be easy and stress-free. Therefore, you should avoid anything that may threaten this fact. Documentation is one thing often checked from tourists and foreigners. Now that you plan to make Kenya your next home, we advise you to acquire the required papers for your stay. You can apply for a long-term visa, an immigration visa or a business visa, which needs occasional renewal but only over long spans of time.

Choose an accommodation plan.

Most retirees prefer purchasing a home for convenience sake. This plan is viable if you want your children, or kin to inherit the property after you. However, since most elderly folks come alone or with their spouse only, renting a house is better than buying. Renting has the advantage of flexibility where you can always change cities without much hustle. Renting also reduces complications when the issue of inheritance arises.

Sort out your Finances

Once you have pinpointed where you are going to, it is time to sort your money. You can have two accounts, one at your current home and a new one in Kenya. Having a Kenyan bank makes money access fast and easy. However, mobile banking has made finance management easier, so you can link your phone to your home bank and transfer funds as needed. The latter option comes with larger service fees, but a better piece of mind.

Make an itinerary

Having a plan allows you an easy transition into your new home. It is hard to leave behind everything you once knew and start afresh. However, with a plan, you can make this move easy and even enjoyable. You can start by making friends through Kenyan Expatriate groups on social media. Having a person helping you on the other side of the fence is always a great advantage. You can also identify places where you can learn Swahili, which will now be a large part of your life. These are just examples of things that help retirees get used to their new Kenyan life. Then list out a number of things you would like to accomplish as you stay here. Remember that Kenya is now your new home so you do not have to do everything all at once.

Book a flight and Karibu Nyumbani (Welcome Home)

You are now ready to fly over to Kenya and the only thing keeping you away is that flight, or two depending on where you are coming from. Kenya is full of experience, culture, food, music and people that are bound to make your stay worthwhile. You will definitely get into frustrations such as lack of punctuality, foreign culture and ill willing individuals, but for the most part, Kenya is a warm land.