Exploring Watamu Marine National Park & Reserve

Watamu Marine National Park is one of Kenya’s first marine park established in 1968. Coral Gardens in the area is not far from the shore. It is home to approximately 600 species of fish, 110 species of story coral and countless invertebrates, crustaceans and molluscs.


How To Get There

Watamu Marine National Park is located about 140 km north of Kenya’s second-largest city Mombasa but if you are going there by road, it is 120 kms north of Mombasa and 28km south of Malindi. You can also access it by air through Malindi Airport.

Animals You May See

Watamu Marine Park is a well-protected and managed area. This is the haven of the green turtle. Commonly seen overhead is the black kite while you can see the common bulbul, red knobbed starfish, white browned coucal and a speckled mousebird in the undergrowth.

Bright Yellow canaries and Golden Palm weaves flash in the bush whilst the Lizard buzzard and the Lilac-breasted rollers are often seen perched on poles

Some other attractions you can see aside from the animals and birds are the unique coral garden, Kipepeo project, Mida creek and even visit the Gede ruinsWhat To Carry

  • Snorkel, masks, fins (Hired)
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Fresh Water
  • Footwear

What To Do At The Park

A must-do while at Watamu Marine Park is sailing over coral reefs in a glass-bottomed boat and see colourful marine life. You can also go for snorkelling, diving at selected places, waterskiing, windsurfing, go dolphin spotting at Watamu Bay and Marine Park, swim in the crystal clear waters and relax on white sandy beaches.


Where To Stay

Watamu’s sandy beaches and coral gardens define the place. There are many places around Watamu Marine Park. Some of the top picks are Temple Point Resort, Turtle Bay Beach Club, Hemingways Watamu or even Villas Watamu Resort.

Hemingways Watamu ©Nomadmagazine.co

Entry Charges

Non-residents -$17 (adult)  $13 (Children) – for 24hours

Residents – Sh300 (adult) Sh170 (Children) – for 24hours

Citizens – Sh130 (adult) Sh125 (Children) – for 24hours


+254 729 548 373