Experiencing The Glamorous Sarara Camp

When visiting the Matthews Range there are two accommodation options. The rustic and beautiful Kitich and the luxurious Sarara camp. The difference between the two is that Kitich is privately owned while Sarara is run and managed by the local Samburu community in conjunction with Lewa Trust. Here is a short review of the impeccable Sarara Camp.


The Sarara Camp is set in the Laikipia wilderness within the southern end of Matthews Range. Its backyard is a vast wildlife conservancy that holds hundreds of wildlife, which can easily be watched, from the camp. The region is generally known as Namunyak, which in English translates to ‘a place of peace.’


The Sarara Camp boasts of five intricately furnished en-suite tents. The tents are all constructed by natural and locally sourced materials in a bid to promote environmental sustainability. The tents each have open-air bathrooms that allow the guest to enjoy the amazing views even when showering. The tenting system also allows for natural air conditioning and enjoying the true meaning of bush living.


The Sarara Camp has one common eating area and lounge in a hut-like structure that ensures the local aspect of the area is felt. This hut sits perfectly under the shade of one of the bigger trees, creating a cool and lasting coolness. Meals are enjoyed in a communal setting with the birds’ chirping creating a melodious atmosphere.

Natural Pool

One of the best features of this luxurious camp is the natural pool at the edge of the camp. At this pool, while enjoying a swim or stay in the water, guests get to overlook the waterhole some meters beneath. Different animals including the famous elephants of the range use this waterhole throughout the day.

Walking Excursions

Ideally, the Matthews Range is a walking adventure. While staying at the Sarara Camp, guests can get arranged and guided walks within the range. These walks guarantee different experiences including game siting and natural aesthetics such as valleys covered in wildflowers and butterflies. During this walk, you will also get to enjoy a dip in one of the natural and always cool rock pools scattered across the range.

Camel rides

The local Samburu community that runs the camp are avid camel herders. These animals are valued in these areas as they are able to almost effortlessly live in the arid regions without fuss. You will get the amazing chance to ride the camels and enjoy the views of Namunyak at elevated points. Camel rides are rumoured to be therapeutic and hypnotic to some extent. It is a must-try experience.

Other activities

Lastly, you can also enjoy a cultural trip into the Samburu homesteads where you get to learn and see the day-to-day lives of this fascinating community. A trip to the singing wells, from which the camp derives its name, is also recommended.