Everything you need to Know about Long-term Airport Parking

When travelling overseas, one of the things one has to worry about is the storage and safety of their car. While most people can easily leave their cars in their home garages, some do not have this luxury. Thus, airport parking is one of the best alternatives. Below is a brief guide on what to know, do and expect when practising long-term airport parking.

What is long-term airport parking?

Car parking in an airport is considered long-term when it exceeds the 7-day mark.

Why would you need airport parking?

Long-term airport parking comes in handy when you do not have other car storage options within your reach. It also becomes very convenient in terms of transportation since you will not need to worry about taxis or buses when travelling to and fro.

What are the long-term airport parking fees?

Every airport has different parking rates and fees. However, the universal truth is that airport parking is cheaper than short-term parking. This is because short-term parking is charged by the hour while long-term fees are daily.

Is it safe to leave my car at the airport that long?

Airport car parking is safe. This part of the airport usually has 24/7 security surveillance and very little traffic. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the car is left in a secure state to reduce chances of loss or damage.

How can you ensure your car is safe?

Below are some tips on what to do concerning your car when leaving it for long-term airport parking.

Do not leave any valuable items inside

If you are leaving your car parked for more than 7 days, make sure you remove all items of great value from within. This includes your car keys. It will reduce the chances of theft and other losses.

Lock all doors and windows

Locking doors and windows constrict unauthorized entry into your car. It also helps keep rainwater, dust and snow from entering the car during the period it is parked. Lastly, it keeps away any insects or small animals that might use your car for shelter.

Protect it from sun damage

You can always cover your windscreen and rear shield with reflective covers. These will reduce the sun damage to parts of your car that are vulnerable such as the dashboard. If there is an option for underground parking, choose it over open parking. Your car will be better sitting in a shade for such a long time.

Switch it off completely

Most people often forget to switch off everything in their car out of hurry. A running engine, headlights or a car stereo left on can consume all of your car battery. This will not only be greatly inconveniencing for you upon your return, you will also have large bills to incur. Therefore, always make sure you switch off everything before leaving it for parking.

Have an alarm system

An alarm system will keep your car safe. It will do the job of scaring any vandals and alerting security of unusual behaviour.