Everything You Need to Know about Leleshwa Wine Tours

In Africa, South Africa used to be the only major producer of wine until 25 years ago when Leleshwa Wines was born the Winery hosts annual tours where they allow members of the public visit their winemaking venue. Here they get to see and learn all there is to know about the complex and sophisticated art and science, as they get to sample the amazing wines and enjoy delicious foods with loved ones. Here is all you need to know about the annual Leleshwa Wine Tours.

Brief History

When you mention wine to most Kenyans, the countries that immediately pop up in thought and conversation are France and Italy. This is because the two countries were among the pioneers of contemporary bottled wine and all due credits go to them. However, 25 years ago, James Farquharson moved from a South African winery he worked in to Naivasha Morendat farm and started the Leleshwa Winery. This was against all advice because the soils and climate of Naivasha were dismissed as too harsh. The winery, which is named after a common tree in the vicinity, continued to grow and now prides itself as the 2015 winner of Michelangelo Wines and Spirits best white wine award. It is also the only winery between Italy and South Africa with a female winemaker.

The Wine Tour

The Wine Tour runs annually during changing set dates, usually towards the end of the year. This year’s tours are scheduled for every Friday and Saturday between 4th October and 15th December For next year’s and consequent dates, kindly check the Leleshwa Wines website for updates.

The tour starts on said days at around 11 a.m. where guests are ushered in with a cup of authentic African tea and some accompaniments.

The guests then get to see the winemaking warehouse and the beautiful vineyard that produces an amazing 5 kilos of grapes per vine per harvest. The guests will also get to see the impressive cattle herd at the Morendat Farm, which are used for beef markets.

The tour breaks around lunchtime where the guests get to engage in a wine tasting session before delving into a mouth-watering three-course feast. Every course is expertly paired with a glass of the best wines.

After the meal, guests can take further walks around the vineyard, or sit and enjoy the company of loved ones while sharing a bottle of Leleshwa’s outstanding wine collection. You will also get a chance to purchase the wines directly at the farm.

How to get there

Morendat Farm is located in Naivasha, approximately 95 kilometres from Nairobi and 63 kilometres from Nakuru. Here are the exact coordinates to the location. The farm is easily accessible by road.


The Leleshwa Wine Tours currently requires a fee of Ksh. 10,500 ($105) per person. The farm, however, does not take any cash payments and requires interested parties to pay via their MPESA buy goods and services till number 480583. The payments should be done only after sending an email citing the intention of booking to their email address. The email should include full official names, ID or passport numbers. After payment, send the MPESA receipt message to the same email for purposes of accountability.

Quick Tips

  • Naivasha is usually a hot day and cold evening place. Therefore, dress lightly, have sunglasses, sunhats and sunscreen, and have a jacket or scarf for the chilly evening.
  • Wear comfortable but steady shoes that you can handle the irregular farm grounds.
  • Have a camera to take the breath-taking views of Mt. Longonot that sits at the background of the farm.
  • Leleshwa Wine Tours does not accept walk-ins. You have to reserve your spot only through advance payment.
  • The wine tours are suitable for people above 18 years and it is advisable to always have a designated driver within your chosen travel companions.