Essential Things You Must Carry When Travelling To Kenya

Ever been on a trip in a foreign country, then when you reach out to your pocket to get your phone you feel nothing? It isn’t a good feeling, right? The frantic thoughts that suddenly fill your mind as you try to figure out whether it fell in the crocodile pond you just came from or from the hot air balloon ride you earlier took almost give you a headache. It is not a good feeling and below is a simple list of things to always have on you while touring Kenya.


Your passport acts as your main form of identification once you land on Kenyan soil. It is therefore paramount to have it on you especially when you are exploring the country on your own. A passport will help the relevant authorities know who you are, and what course of action to take in case you were in trouble. You will also need it when carrying out certain transactions such as bank withdrawals or currency exchanges.


There is nothing as terrifying as being in a new place, stranded and without a single coin in your wallet. Kenya is no different. Granted that you will get help if you seek it, but not all individuals are willing to help. You are advised to always carry cash on you, which might come in handy in cases of being separated from your travelling group, in a medical emergency or any other form of need that may arise. You may need to buy anything from airtime, food, a new phone or even a hotel room.

Tip: To avoid getting hiked prices of goods or services, carry your cash in the form of Kenyan Shillings and in small denominations.

Your Phone

In this age, our phones have become parts of our daily lives, and for good reason. Your phone carries important applications that help us get through the day including maps, mobile banks, flashlights, and most of all, contact lists. Your phone can help you get help faster than when you were without it. In as much as a trip abroad should be meant to be fun and technology free, just have your phone on you for emergencies.

Tip: Always have numbers such as the Kenya Police, your hotel reception, and your travel agency on speed dial for fast and easy response.

With these three things always in hand, you will be able to have a most enjoyable and memorable time in Kenya.