Enticing Shopping Destinations In Nakuru

Travel is not always about holiday homes and luxurious hotels. People travel for other reasons including business, education and sometimes, for shopping purposes. For most Kenyans who are looking to shop, two destinations come to mind. Nairobi and Kampala. But did you know the small town of Nakuru is slowly growing in different aspects including as a shopping hub? Here are some of the best destinations for all your shopping needs.

West Side Mall

Just off the Nakuru-Eldoret highway, at the west end of Kenyatta Avenue, is West Side Mall. A pioneering Asian family owns and manages this mall that is slowly becoming a one-stop shopping destination. If you are looking for food, then KFC, Java House and a Chinese Restaurant are there. Clothes and shoes then the Victory Boutique, Bata Shoes and Back Yard shoes are present. For eyewear and other eye accessories, Optica is the best option. Samsung and Safaricom shops cover the electronic front and the Nakumatt Supermarket provides everything else. There are also several health care facilities and banks in the mall.

Garissa Lodge

Opposite the Tuskys Mid-Town is an old two-storey house called Garissa Lodge. The building is named after the large population of Kenyan-Somalis who are originally from Garissa County. If you are in search of textile, fabric and anything related to fashion, then Garissa Lodge will meet all your retail and wholesale needs. This place is especially popular for tailors and fashion designers. The best part of this is that Ankara and Kitenge fabrics have recently been added to the collection.

Kenyatta Avenue

The biggest and main street in Nakuru is called Kenyatta Avenue. This street runs from the main stage to West Side mall and in it, you can find almost anything. From supermarkets like Tuskys and Woolmatt, to electronic shops like Sony and LG. There are restaurants, bakeries, school uniform houses, banks and ATMs, bookshops, salons and cosmetics, chemists, motor vehicle bazaars etc. Busy as it sounds, the biggest advantage of Kenyatta Avenue is that it is in one straight line and you cannot get lost as long as you do not make any corners or go into the smaller streets.

Bargain Street

Bargain Street, as the name suggests, is the Utopia for anyone looking for second-hand items. From clothes to cutlery. This street that runs almost 3 kilometres from the main stage down to near Lake Nakuru has almost everything. Since the items are second hand, most of the stalls do not have a set price for anything and you can, therefore, bargain to a price you are comfortable with. Common items available include household items, floor mats and rugs, curtains, towels, plastic commodities, handcrafted metal items, school shoes and animal farming accessories.

Top Market

The Top Market is a branch of the main food market. However, this small section is very well organized and less noisy. The slightly higher prices make up for that. Since the main market can be quite scary and confusing for a traveller or newcomer, the Top Market provides you with a calmer alternative. The fruits, vegetables and cereals available are of great quality and are mostly sold in terms of kilos. Chicken meat and Fish are also available here.

Industrial Area

Lastly, the Industrial Area is the biggest area in Nakuru with the availability of all things motor. Here you can get car accessories, car parts, car garages, car washes and advice concerning vehicles of any type and size. The Industrial Area sits on the lower West Side of Nakuru, just off the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway and if you happen to have any car troubles as you pass through simply stop by.

Other places for purchasing goods and services in Nakuru include:

Think Twice, Cigma, Prime Plaza, Biashara Centre, Shopper’s Paradise and Sokoni Plaza.